Final Exam

By: Kyle Setzer


The Hunger Games Movie can be easily be connected to all four Cultural Geography units. For example, The Hunger Games was all about surviving and winning the games. In Unit 1, we played a survival game where we had limited resources and we had to survive. The games in the movie are similar to the survival games we played in Unit 1. In Unit 2, we discussed the shifting of power and how it can go from one group to another. In the Hunger Games, power shifted a lot. At first, Cato and the Career tributes had all of the power because they were in control of the Cornucopia. Then, Katniss and Peeta had power when they outnumbered Cato in the end of the games. Unit 3 can be connected to The Hunger Games by values. We talked about our values and beliefs a lot during Unit 3. In the Hunger Games, Katniss had values and beliefs and she stuck to them during the games. She valued her family and her friends and freedom. Mrs. Van chose to show this movie at the end of the course because she wanted us to see how it is connected and similar to the activities we did and the units we had.


Much like the Hunger Games, the real world is filled with starving families. Both the real world and the Hunger Games have different social classes. They both have the poor, the middle class, and the wealthy. People in both the movie and the real world fight over natural resources needed to survive. A major set of events that are very similar to The Hunger Games are the gladiator fights in ancient Rome. In The Hunger Games, a group of people are placed in an arena and are forced to fight to the death. The last one alive is claimed the winner and gets to live. In ancient Rome, many people were put in an arena. They all had their own weapons and fought and killed each other until one man remained. Everyone in both the movie and the gladiator fights fought over resources to survive and last until the end.


The Hunger Games can be connected to my life. In wrestling, my coaches train us and help prepare us for the tournaments and dual meets. In the Hunger Games, the mentors train and teach their tributes how to fight and survive so they are ready when they enter the arena. Another example is school. My teachers teach me the material and help me learn so when I graduate, I will do better and succeed. They prepare me for the real world like the mentors prepare their tributes for the Games.