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Quit Smoking to Keep Blood Pressure in Check

Smoking has several ill effects on the health of an individual. It is the leading cause of cancer, cardiac issues and whole lot of other health concerns. In fact smoking has effects on the erection strength of a man and thus disturbs one’s intimate life too. When you smoke, facial muscles get strained and thus formation of wrinkle takes place. When you quit smoking, you get freedom from all these sort of health ailments.
There is very clear relationship between smoking and high blood pressure. This combination in turn gives rise to cardiac complications too. Cardiovascular system gets affected severely due to smoking. Some reasons are given below known to trigger rise in the blood pressure.

Arteries and veins
– Tobacco is the major component of cigarette. It contains nicotine and other chemicals. These are known to weaken the arteries and veins thus making them narrow in diameter. Due to reduction in the diameter of the blood vessels which is also known atherosclerosis, blood flow gets reduced. Heart need to pump the blood with great pressure and thus it aid in developing high blood pressure. This issue also led to the development of stroke in the person.

Effect on the blood – Nicotine present in the blood increases cholesterol levels in the blood along with fibrinogen which is a protein that helps in clotting of blood. When this protein is present in the blood in large amount, blood gets thicken and there is augmented risk of developing heart attack. This also affects the other body parts where the blood doesn’t reach due to its thickness.

Oxygen deficiency
– Nicotine also decreases oxygen content of the blood thereby making the heart work harder to cater oxygenated blood to the rest of the body parts. This result in the increased blood pressure and other health issues associated with the same.

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