Tuesday Tech Thoughts

Beth Rihtar-- Instructional Tech Coach, Park Ridge, Illinois

What makes a secure password?

Making a password that's secure but easy to remember is a necessary evil in our world. Secure passwords are at least 8 characters, and include caps/lower case letters, numbers, and special symbols. Using the same password for many sites is fine, but it would make sense to have some passwords (to personal email accounts, banking, etc.) be unique.

Consider using a street name, favorite color, city you've traveled to!

Example: wisNer#60068, violeT&77, Paris2001!

Words you shouldn't use: "password", 1234...., your mother's maiden name, children's names. Creating a secure password is important, and keeping that password private is almost as important! Don't share your passwords with others. Here's a great article from PCWorld with examples of "bad" passwords.

Missing an Hour of Code Certificate? Print here!

If you have an error on a certificate or need one replaced, just follow the link and print!

Math = Love

This great mindset words graphic is from Math=Love, a fantastic blog from Sarah Hagen. She's a teacher blogger from Oklahoma, and has a lot of great secondary math ideas, but also a ton of great mindset resources! While I won't necessarily put her math suggestions into practice, I like reading her insightful words about student engagement and changing mindsets.
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Keep 'em coding!

The Hour of Code is underway here at District 64 and all around the world... but how can we keep it in motion? Building student interest in computer science serves a practical purpose... there are millions of tech jobs out there, just waiting to be filled by trained, engaged graduates. Students can continue to code, and there are many great websites out there with free coding puzzles/exercises. Students can also keep coding at www.code.org, by selecting one of their 20-hour courses... a great activity for a snowy winter break day!
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Beth Rihtar

Job-embedded professional development; talks to teachers about tech integration, best practices, efficiency, 4Cs; Google Certified Educator, bassist for the Northwest Symphony Orchestra; teacher of 20 years.