Room 10 News

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break and this beautiful San Diego sunshine. I also hope that those of you who are traveling are having a great, relaxing time. Next week is a bit of a hectic week, so I wanted to give everyone an early heads-up.

The Smarter Balance assessment is the main thing I want to address. Our class will be the very first class to take it first thing Monday morning and will visit the computer lab 5 more times during the next weeks. Therefore, it is more important than ever that the kids are at school on time (I take attendance at 8:30am sharp as that is considered the start of the school day). As you have probably heard or read, this assessment will be taken in place of STAR and, for this year, we have an opportunity to "test the test." Although it is a trial year, we are still encouraging the kids to take it very seriously.

As a class, we looked at a reading practice test. You have access to the practice tests from home. While it is not homework, I strongly encourage everyone (parents included) to take a look and get an idea of what types of questions might be asked. Practice tests can be found at:

Click the green box and sign in as a guest. I've heard that the practice tests can be a bit glitchy (e.g. the sound doesn't work) but, again, it's an opportunity to get a sense of what the kids will be doing.

Please be sure to read the section below for other upcoming events. Sorry for the long newsletter!

See you next week,


Reminders and Upcoming Events

  • Mon. 4/14, 11:15am: Kumeyaay presentation in teacher's lounge patio (right next to our classroom). It sounds like a few parent volunteers help this assembly to run more smoothly. Please let me know if you are available to come in. It will only be our class and will last for about 1 hour.
  • Wed. 4/16: Hats On Day. This is a nationwide fundraiser that supports children with cancer. Students are welcome to bring in donations starting on Mon. 4/14. On Wednesday, the kids can wear hats to school to show their support.
  • Don't forget to upload Spring Fling pictures to our Shutterfly site!
  • In last week's Fri. Folders, there was info about summer enrichment classes. FYI, I will be teaching the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory class at Carmel Creek, and it is so much fun! It combines 2 of my favorite (completely opposite) things: exercise and baking! Mornings are spent in P.E. and learning about nutrition. After recess, we read and do activities with the Roald Dahl book and bake goodies twice a week.