Saudi Arabia

Brayden Splater p.8


The capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh.


The population of Saudi Arabia is 26,939,583 as of 2014.

Physical Features

Saudi Arabia is one of the driest nations in the world with mountains to the southwest.

Saudi Arabia's Location

North of Saudi Arabia Jordan and Iraq South is Yemen East is United Arab Emirates West is Water.


Saudi Arabia has had numerous terrorist attacks including two suicide bombings in 2003 that killed more than 40 people. In the early 1800's the Al Saud family controlled much of the Arabian Peninsula. In 1901 21 year old Abdul Aziz Ibn Al attempted to recapture all of the territory. Saudi Arabia is the birth place of the prophet Muhammad, Muhammad was born in 670 his parents died when he was young.

People and Places

More than 5.5 million Saudis are foreigners ( people who are not citizens. Ninety percent of Saudis are Arabs descendants of tribes who once lived in the region. Arabic is Saudi Arabia's official language of the kingdom. Saudi Arabia has Islam as its official religion.


Soccer is Saudi Arabia's national most popular sport. Saudi Men also enjoy hunting and hawking. During the entire month of Ramadan muslims do not eat, smoke, or drink from sunrise to sunset each day. Children in Saudi Arabia have to attend extra years of school.


Saudi Arabia government is a monarchy which means not lead by a king. Males 21 or over can vote for a government. The kingdom is divided into 13 regions known as governates. Saudi families own a car which they use to travel everywhere and gas is cheaper in Saudi Arabia.

Culture Facts and Contacts

In Saudi Arabia men and women are given very traditional roles. Women are not allowed to go shopping, spend money, or travel without husbands, fathers , or brothers. The wife is only allowed to remarry one if the husbands die or get a divorce.