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Franklin County 4-H News - June 2016


Fair entry instructions are now available on the Franklin County Fair website.


  • There are two different sets of instructions on the website. One set is for the members to follow and the other is for the club advisor.

  • We understand that this is a new process. If at any point you don't understand what is expected, please feel free to contact someone for help.

  • When a member logs in, the FAMILY email address is most often the parent's email address that was submitted on their 4-H enrollment form. If you are unsure, ask your club advisor to check their club directory.

  • LIVESTOCK PROJECTS - Make sure to enter in your class as well as your evaluation. Other options that you may want to make an entry for include showmanship and Outstanding Market Exhibitor. The evaluation entry was not shown in the video below!

  • VERY IMPORTANT! DO NOT CHECK OUT UNTIL ALL MEMBERS IN THE FAMILY HAVE MADE THEIR FAIR ENTRIES. The system will not allow you to check out and then start another person's entries. Before you begin, make sure you have your whole family's entry information. If a change needs to be made, you must contact

How to register for the Franklin County Fair 2016

4-H Public Speaking Contest

Do you have an interest in doing a demonstration/illustrated talk or presenting a health & safety speech or skit? It is time to register and prepare for the 2016 Franklin County Public Speaking Contest.

Health & Safety Speaking (2 Opportunities Available)

Health & Safety Speech

  • Individual presentation
  • Memorized speech on a health & safety topic relating to humans (topic ideas include: fire safety, tornado safety, sun safety, asthma, allergies, etc.)
  • Junior category (9-13 years old) – speech is 2 ½ to 3 ½ minutes long
  • Senior category (14 years and up) – speech is 4 to 5 ½ minutes long

Health & Safety Skit

  • Team of 2-5 4-Hers (ages 8-18)
  • Each member must have at least 1 minute of total speaking time – does not mean 1 minute of continued speaking
  • Time Requirement: 5-8 minutes
  • Choose a health or safety topic that affects family living
  • Skit should be prepared by the 4-H members participating in the contest
  • Local example and supporting statistics (with sources cited) are required

*If you are interested in participating in Health & Safety speaking, please contact Ashlea DeChant at 614-530-0908 or These two opportunities are not part of the County Evaluation and take place at a different time. Please contact Ashlea ASAP to obtain details and complete registration.

Demonstrations/Illustrated Talks (Several Opportunities Available)

Junior Individual (ages 8-11) (no technology)

Junior Team (2 members, both between ages 8-11) (no technology)

Intermediate Individual with or without technology (ages 12-13)

Intermediate Team with or without technology (2 members, one member can be 12-13, other member must be 8-13)

Senior Individual with or without technology (age 14-18)

Please see Junior Fair – COMMUNICATIONS in the Junior Fair Premium Book for specific information regarding demonstrations/illustrated talks and time requirements.

Marketing Division (3 opportunities available - 1 per age range)

Junior Individual Thank You Card with or without use of computer graphics – ages 8-11

Intermediate Individual Holiday Card with or without computer graphics – ages 12 -13

Senior Individual 4-H Infomercial – ages 14 and up

Sign up for these events using the junior fair online entry system. Please see Junior Fair – COMMUNICATIONS in the Junior Fair Premium Book for specific information and register using the junior fair online entry system.

Entries will be judged Monday, July 11th at Ohio 4-H Center during the Public Speaking Contest.

4-H Pledge Recitation

All 1st year 4-H members can recite the 4-H pledge during the county public speaking contest on Monday, July 11th at the Ohio 4-H Center and receive a participation ribbon.

Please see Junior Fair – COMMUNICATIONS in the Junior Fair Premium Book for specific information and register using the junior fair online entry system.

QUESTIONS? If you are interested in participating in public speaking and have questions, please contact Ashlea DeChant at 614-530-0908 or We hope to see a lot of you participating in public speaking and presenting your skills!

Community Service Opportunity with Farm Bureau

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Cloverbud Day Camp Registration Will Stay Open Until June 8

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