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CGE Weekly Newsletter 4/19/2021

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Welcome to our weekly Gator Bites newsletter! Every Friday evening our team at CGE will send out any important updates for the following week. Our goal is to be prepared, transparent and informative! We appreciate your time and urge you to read through carefully each week- especially during these unconventional virtual learning weeks.

Stay safe, stay informed and stay Gator Strong! 🐊

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From the Principal's Desk

Dr. Larry Savage, Principal

As I shared in MANY messages this week, thank you for your patience as we worked to improve the efficiency of carpool this week, and all the proactive ideas many of you shared with me the past few days. As a reminder, we will begin walkers starting this Monday (April 19th).

In an effort to ensure important details are not missed, I plan to share further information related to walkers over the weekend (likely Saturday). Please look for that message if you are interested.

Attendance for Plan A:

As of April 12th, students in K-5 who are attending school in-person under Plan A will follow attendance rules as during a ‘normal’ year on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Plan A students will be marked absent on days they are not at school (in-person), and they will not be able to log into their class remotely. An exception will be granted when students are having to quarantine.

School Picture Day

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April 27th is our 1st Gator Picture Day! All students in person will have their photo taken throughout the day. We are working diligently with Strawbridge Studios to ensure social distancing and safety. Students will unmask briefly while seated for their photo.

April 30th will be our Virtual Academy and make up day. Information on timing and protocols will be emailed to VA parents closer to the date.

Ordering envelopes will go home on Friday, April 23rd. You will have the option to pre-pay online or order online after picture day. If you’d like to send in the order/payment envelope, your student will hand directly to the photographer when their photo is taken. No in person orders or payments will be accepted by teachers or staff.

We look forward to seeing our student’s smiling faces in print!

CHOMPERS of the Week

Each week we are celebrating students that display CGE’s CHOMP expectations. Here are our CHOMPERS of the week for last week:
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PTA Updates

We are looking for new members to join the PTA for the 2021-2022 academic year! If you or anyone you know may be interested please email

Keep an eye out for emails from your class reps regarding Teacher Appreciation Week activities! We have a lot of fun and thoughtful ways to show our appreciation! Go Gators!

School Updates


Exciting News….. reFUEL Chatham Grove will be starting this summer!!!

Many of you are familiar with Fuel Up, the assistance program offered to food insecure students at Perry Harrison Elementary. Students here at Chatham Grove Elementary (CGE) who are enrolled in the program have been getting their needs met through Perry Harrison’s Fuel Up but starting this summer CGE will have our own program – reFUEL Chatham Grove! CGE will be joining the reFUEL program umbrella that currently provides services to Pollard Middle and Northwood High School students. As such the program will provide food directly to students’ homes or other drop off point of their choosing, greatly reducing the manpower needed to run the program. However, reFUEL CGE will still need some volunteers for the program to be a success. If you have a desire to be involved in this much needed and worthwhile effort please consider joining us. We are especially looking for people with grant writing experience, and people who are savvy with online food ordering. You can email us at And stay tuned for more news regarding fundraising opportunities!

From the Guidance Department

Parent Pro Tip

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally about a complex topic or idea and analyze it in a way that helps us solve problems. This ability to deeply analyze a problem leads to later success in college, but more importantly, creates solution oriented adults who help society solve everyday problems.

This article provides suggestions on how you can support the development of critical thinking with your child.

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Important Carpool Reminders

As we continue to transition to Plan A, we will have a lot of new car riders joining our pick up and drop off lines. Please keep in mind these helpful tips to have a safe and efficient carpool.

-Pull up close (but safely) to the cars in front to allow more cars to fit onto campus.

-Do not block the intersection on Andrews Store Road.

-Please have your kids ready with everything they need to exit the car in a timely fashion when you arrive at our drop off points.

-Please be patient. We need your help to make this work :)

-Walkers are not permitted at this time. We do continue to assess, however, when we will be able to welcome walkers--it’s something we are excited to do.

From the AIG Department

With the changes to student schedules beginning April 12th, Ms. Wlkie and Ms. Merilee’s group schedules will change. Students in person will begin participating in groups in person. VA students will continue joining groups via zoom. New group meetings days and times will be shared with students and families next week via Class Dojo and Google Classroom.

From the Arts Department

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We are excited to host a Virtual Talent Show this year at Chatham Grove! All students are welcome to participate in this year's show! Talents might include (but are not limited to) singing, magic, playing an instrument, dancing, or skits.

The CGE Talent Show website will launch after Spring Break. The website will include the process on how to submit videos for the CGE Talent Show. All videos will need to be submitted by the end of the day on April 27th. Mrs. Galloway will then take all student submissions and create one CGE Talent Show video to share out with families on Friday, April 30th.

Talent Show Guidelines

-Acts must be appropriate for school including language, subject matter, and attire. If you are unsure about a particular song, please reach out to Mrs. Galloway in advance.

-Submitted videos should be between 1-4 minutes in length.

-One video submission per CGE student.

-All videos must be submitted by the April 27th deadline.

We look forward to a wonderful talent show! Please do not hesitate to reach out to

Mrs. Galloway with questions.

Visual Arts Update

    • Art Shirts for keeping clothes clean! In person students are cycling into the new visual arts studio. Please note we will be painting & creating with other messy media! Please send an “art shirt” with your students so they may have something to protect their clothing. The “Art shirt” can be an old, large size tee shirt or button down shirt that can get dirty without worries. This will help the students not be focused on keeping their clothes clean, & be able to create without stress!!!! Any questions, please feel free to email Victoria Sylvestre.

    • Wanted! (EMPTY) Cereal Boxes! We will be creating our own sketchbooks & will be using the cereal box cardboard as our covers. They will be so awesome! Please send as many as you can. Thank you!

    Also wanted! Magazines, catalogues, old phone books! Please send as many as you can. Thank you!

Materials Pick Up

Student materials will be available for pick up again starting on Monday April 19th from 9am-2pm. Please contact your student’s classroom teacher if you have a question about the materials/resources that need to be collected at our school.