Help save the Blue Crabs


Hello Citizens! How about instead of eating Blue Crabs, try eating some other type of fish! Each year, over 100 Million Blue Crabs die every year. That's a lot! Instead of fishing every year, why not just buy the Crabs that fisherman catch! Because fisherman are only aloud to catch a certain amount of Crabs. But buy citizens going out and catching more, it just adds to the population loss.


The farmers should stop spraying so much fertilizer around the world. Maybe cut down on fertilizing stuff. It would save more crabs


The government should stop funding so much money to the crab catchers. Maybe they should start a campaign to help save the crabs. Maybe the citizens will think twice if the government says something


Fisherman, maybe you could not catch as much when you go out? Yes they are good but think of how many people also don't like fish? Maybe cut your amount of fish you catch in half? It would save a lot more fish and you would still have crabs to give to local markets and shops.