Could Your Brain Be Hijacked?

By: Jacob Baxter & Albert Dubose 11/18/15 - 12/15/15

Dear Jacob and Albert

I was reading the book Brain Jack and I stopped reading at the part where they entered Las Vegas. In the story it said that Las Vegas was contaminated. I was really curious about how Sam, Vienna, and Dodge survive because last I remember when a nuclear bomb goes off it gives off radiation. This would either end up killing you or have long term effects like cancer. They are hackers not some kind of super-human.

From: Carl Cheese

Dear Carl Cheese

In the book it says that they have hazmat suits. If they survive, or not, is for you to find out. We wont spoil it!

From: Jacob And Albert
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A small picture of the production rate for the movie Brain Jack which comes out the 18th of December 2015

Premier night of Brain jack!

Friday, Dec. 18th, 5pm

600 North FM 548

Forney, TX

I really recommend seeing Brain Jack the movie it was an amazing book and I feel like it is an even more amazing movie. It is action-packed, romantic (only at some points though), and has a mysterious feeling throughout the whole movie. I especially enjoyed the part where Sam is escaping prison but he's doing it very sneakily so he doesn't get caught, and I thought it created a lot of suspense.


The scene where Sam is escaping the fake prison
Oliver Stone directed- Scarface, Platoon, Wall Street, etc...
Camera Man Wally Pfister- The Dark Night, Insomnia, Inception, etc...
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Leonardo DiCaprio as Tyler

Tyler worked at the CDD as an administrator. Tyler was sent to the CDD after Sam would not wear the headset. While tracking down Sam he lost his headset and then realized that what he had been doing was wrong and that he was being forced to do it by the computer system.

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Matt Damon as Kiwi

One of the workers at the CDD that when at the hotel faked throwing himself off the side of the building just to give Sam a little scare.

Crossword Puzzle

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3. Faked throwing himself off a building
5. Sam's BFF
7. Where nuclear bomb was dropped
9. Where most of story takes place

1. Only person Sam trusts at CDD
2. Helps Sam escape CDD with Dodge
4. Trying to track down Sam
6. Leader of CDD
8. Main character

It finally happened!

After much curiosity to see if you could actually have your memory stolen, it finally was proven that you can, the only bad part is that it was Dodge, the only person that Sam trusts so now him and Vienna are trying to figure out how to get Dodges memory back.