Childcare Worker

at any time theyll watch your kid

what do childcare workers do ?

childcare workers and people who watch kids and children when the parents aren't available. They help with the basic needs of children, such as feeding and bathing. Also they can educate the child to help them get ready for kindergarten


The environment of a childcare worker is most times in a childcare center or daycare, where there are a bunch of other children around them. Also in the home of the child making the kid comfy to be in their own home.

How to become one

requirements vary from level wished to work on. ranging from high school diploma to certification of early childhood education


the mean in 2012 was $19,510 and $9.38 a hour

Need for his job

it Is expected that the percentage of childcare employment should go up 10% in the next 10 years

similar jobs

teachers , nannies , babysitters , anyone who cares for a kid while parent is at work