Robots, Game Makers and iPads Oh My

Resources for Teachers

Getting Started with New Tech Tools

Below are a number of resources to help you get started planning for new technology tools available to you in the library.

The following new technologies can be found in the library and are available for checkout or to use in the library makerspace.

  • Beebots - beginner level robots
  • Bloxels- game creator kit that works with an app
  • Dash and Dot Robots - work with a number of different apps
  • Littlebits - circuits
  • Ozobots - small robots that work with apps or paper/marker design combinations
  • Sphero Sprk - larger, waterproof robots that work with a number of different apps
  • GoPro Hero


Blue-Bot from TTS Group

Beebots - robots for primary grades

The BlueBot is a style of BeeBot that uses bluetooth technology to work with iPads.

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Bloxels - Game Maker

Bloxels Overview

Bloxels: Change the way we share learning

Bloxels, according to the website is a "hands on platform for kids to build, collaborate and tell stories through video game creation."

Through a site geared towards kids, players can play featured games, get help, explore tutorial videos, and access the help desk.

Through the Bloxels for everyone site access the edu page, tutorials and more.

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  • Official Bloxels YouTube Tutorial Playlist
  • Bloxels EDU- tips for getting started, lesson plans, connecting with others, buying more
  • Lesson plans page - enter your email to join their email list and get access to tons of good stuff, scroll down for activities like: choose your own adventure story telling, fraction character challenge and plant survival challenge. Lessons use the model of Design Thinking as developed by Stanford. Once you have a link you can download 1 day or 5 day lesson plans
  • Brainstorming Kit - don't miss resources for storyboarding, pixel planning and gamebox design


  • Download the Bloxels app from App Store or Student App Portal

Dash and Dot - Robots

Wonder Workshop, Home of Dash & Dot Robots

Dash and Dot - Integrate STEM in any subject

Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop is a robotic duo that makes use of a number of Dash and Dot apps that get kids coding.

Think about using this for your next:
  • Lesson on magnetism
  • Lesson on number lines
  • Science lesson involving creating a model - like Life Cycles
  • Music lesson highlighting rhythm with the Xylo app

  • Lesson Plans - through the teachers portal check out lesson plans and curriculum aligned to NGSS - you can search by subject, grade level and accessory. With education packs there is a free subscription to the lesson plans aligned to CCSS and NGSS.
  • YouTube - app tutorial playlist by Wonder Workshop
  • YouTube - Teach Wonder playlist - get tons of ideas for using in your classroom and how tos

  • Wonder according to the website "Kids can use phones and tablets to easily create their own real-world gadgets and robots, providing a stepping stone to the advanced world of robotics, engineering, and technology"
  • Blockly is a drag and drop programming language that allows kids to use directional commands and things like loops to program the robots to do things they want
  • Xylo is a xylophone that allows you to write songs and program Dash to play them
  • Path - introduces students to things like sequences, paths and sensors
  • Go - is an online portal to content that will get kids acting out stories, completing challenges and getting ideas for new projects

Ozobot - Robots

Ozobot - It's Your Move

Ozobot the tiny robot with lots of potential

Ozobot can work with a combination of iPad app and paper/marker activities. It's a tiny robot with a ton of potential.

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  • Ozobot - basic Ozobot app with activities for the Ozobot
  • OzoGroove - program the Ozobot to dance with this app

Sphero Sprk

Sphero Takes Computer Science Beyond Code

Sphero Sprk- Sparking Creation

Sphero Sprk is another robot that makes use of block coding with the iPad. The waterproof and circular design opens up lots of room for multi-terrain experimentation. Create an account in the Sprk Lab and input students from class to create assignments.

Think about using this for your next:

  • Sphero Activities Page - this is a bit hard to use with the filters and search. The lesson's aren't necessarily aligned to standards either, but if you have time to browse there are plenty of great ideas here
  • Sphero Lightning Lab - sign up for free to create a class and get kids learning



Reinvent Screen Time with the Gizmos & Gadgets Kit, 2nd Edition

Littlebits - a New Way to Learn about Circuits

Littlebits are color coded circuit building modules that snap together with magnets. Bits include anything from power sources to buzzers, motors, sensors, and lots more to inspire inventing.

Think about using this for your next:

  • Littlebits Lesson Page - includes featured beginner and intermediate lessons and search tools to find even more
  • Workshop page- how to run a workshop for Littlebits - getting started and examples
  • Educator Resources Page - The educator's guide in PDF form is available here. Create a free educator account to unlock STEM and Library guides, don't miss NGSS guides and student invention guides
  • YouTube Littlebits - subscribe the the LittleBits channel on YouTube for even more ideas


  • LittleBits Invent is an iPhone app that requires you to sign up. It is currently not available in the student app portal, but you might find it helpful.

GoPro Hero

GoPro HERO Tutorial: How To Get Started

GoPro Hero Plus: Capture all your adventures

The GoPro Hero Plus is a versatile digital camera that allows for flexibility of capturing all kinds of action.

Think about using this for your next:
  • Science investigation
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Strap it on to your Dash and Dot