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A Newsletter of the Teaching and Learning Department 5/29

A Look Back: District-Wide Accomplishments 2014-2015

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A Look Forward: 2015-2016 Preview

There will be lots of new faces, bringing lots of new opportunities. However, we will keep the same focus on FIP and Safe and Civil!

Discussions will continue around ensuring our teachers are evaluated fairly and equitably. We will take a good look at assessments with a goal of further reducing the time and resources spent testing, while maintaining assessments that provide sound instructional feedback.

We will explore resources to enhance our newly aligned Science and Social Studies maps. Curriculum pilots and instructional supports for Math and English Language Arts are on the horizon as well.

Finally, the recommendations from the district-wide discipline committee, once approved by the Board, will be put in place to enhance the safety and learning environment for students and staff.

Have a Safe and Relaxing Summer Vacation!

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year - complete

--Amy LV