Every School Partnership

An initiative of the ACTS Group

March Update

The Sacramento region is almost two month's into this year's Season of Service and we love seeing movement of churches serving the needs of their communities through local schools. Season of Service is running from January 16th - April 23rd 2016 and will culminate with a weekend to weekend service blitz from April 16-23rd 2016 called Serve Our Schools. Why a focused service week? There's something incredible about churches working together in a specific joint effort that demonstrates to every person and neighborhood that Christians are alive and well and wanting to see communities transformed for the better. If you are planning a service event for Serve Our Schools and would like to receive resources to assist you in this event, please let us know about it by emailing your plans to megan@serveunited.us

Thank you for your work in serving communities through local schools!

Megan McCleary

Director, Serve United

A strategic organization of The ACTS Group

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What is Every School Partnership? - Jeff Kresier

This video was created to share the vision of Every School Partnership specifically with senior pastors in the Greater Sacramento region. Please take a few moments to watch the video and then share this newsletter with a few pastors you know who may be interested in learning more about Every School Partnership.
Jeff Kreiser - Every School Initiative

Upcoming Training: Volunteer Resource Management Software

Did you miss Sacramento's first Volunteer Resource Management (VRM) training last weekend? If you are interested in learning how VRM can greatly assist in your school partnership, this upcoming webinar is for you! Your church can now seamlessly communicate, coordinate and track the volunteer and material resources opportunities available to your church. BeUndivided's Resources and Training Coordinator Brooke Perry is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 8th at 1:00pm just for Seattle and Sacramento churches!

To register for the webinar, go to beundivided.com and click on the "Upcoming Webinars" tab under "The Movement" OR, feel free to contact Brooke Perry directly at brooke@beundivided.com or (503)516-0723

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Community Resource: Sacramento Chaplaincy School Support Team

Do you want to make a difference at a school by being a weekly on-campus presence and an emergency trauma responder when tragedy hits? The Sacramento Chaplaincy has created an opportunity for individuals of faith to act as a School Support Team for elementary, middle and high school students, administration, staff and parents throughout sixteen difference school districts in the Greater Sacramento Region. After post-trauma intervention training, you will be provided assistance in placing you as a School Support Team member at a school or district that interests you. As a School Support Team member, you will be equipped and mobilized to respond to various needs that occur in local schools and have the opportunity to build a bridge from the faith community to needs of children and their families.

For more information about this chaplaincy opportunity, please contact Mary Nobbe at (916)978-0296 or training@lecs911.com

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Stories of Service: MyCity Encouragement cards

Thousands of young people from the Sacramento region and beyond gathered at Capital Christian Center on February 18th - 20th for the My City Youth Conference. Serve United was there to share the vision of Every School Partnership and to allow students to write encouragement cards to teachers, students in elementary schools struggling to learn to read and refugee students starting school in America for the first time. Many students wrote heart-felt messages which will be delivered over the coming weeks. Thank you, students for your simple act of encouragement and love!