Beaches, Beaches, and Beaches!!! By: Marcello Neyra

Background Information

Panama is a country in Central America with nice beaches. It's capital is Panama City and 4 major cities are Panama City, San Miguelito, Tocumen, and David.

Currency and Economic System

Balboa and US dollars

Panama uses Balboa and US dollars. Panama has always been tied to dollars. One Balboa equals a US dollar. When shopping, you will find a "B/" or a "$". They don't print their own money but instead use the US' currency.
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History & Flag

Independence and Control

Panama was controlled by Spain. Panama gained its independence from Columbia in November 3, 1903. It is no longer controlled by any other country.


The Panama flag looks like the US flag as it has red, white, and blue. It also has stars but is checkered.
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The official language in Panama is Spanish. Only 14% of people only speak English. Most people are bilingual.

Political Information

Panama is Constitutional Democratic. A constitutional government is a government where the country governs itself according to the constitution. Panama is Capitalist as well. The president of Panama currently is Juan Carlos Varela.
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Geographic Information

Panama is the southernmost country in Central America. Panama is under Costa Rica and above Columbia. There are approximately 500 rivers and only one lake in Panama. There is Serrania de Tabasara as well (mountains). There is also the Panama Canal which could not be built if it wasn't for the Chargers river.
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Tourists Info (Why you should come)

Panama has very nice beaches such as Playa Las Lajas. Panama also has nice trails such as Sendro Los Queztales. Finally, Panama has marine parks like Coiba.