Lack of Diversity

By: Rachael and Katelyn

Worldwide Problem

It affects people all around the world in ways like lack of communication, and it can make people feel bad about themselves.

Causes and Factors of Lack of Diversity

Lack of diversity can happen

  • due to the school you go to
  • The religion you are
  • what you hear from other people
  • where you live

Make the Change!

What you can do to change it

  • be polite
  • give people a chance
  • be open to everything
  • make everyone feel included


Everyone does it!

Make schools more diverse

  • school is the basic starting point in everyone's lives
  • kids will get used to it at an early age

What you Need to Know

  • Lack of diversity is clearly a problem throughout the world today
  • It has a negative effect of everyone
  • It starts with children
  • We can fix the problem!