Dwarf planets

By Maddy Aldridge

Dwarf Planets

About Dwarf Planets

Did you know Dwarf Planets are planet like objects that are covered in ice? They are larger than comets and asteroids but smaller than planets. Dwarf Planets are also usually found in the Kuiper Belt and used to be called "Kuiper Belt objects". Dwarf planets are found in the outer solar system and the first dwarf planet found was Gliese in 1995. All in all, there are some things you might not have known about Dwarf Planets.
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Planets and Dwarfs

Planets and Dwarf Planets are very similar. Both planets and dwarf planets orbit around stars but dwarf planets haven't finished a whole orbit around their star. Some people call that "Not clearing the neighborhood". Dwarf planets also have moons like planets and are sphere shaped. In the end, Planets and Dwarfs are very similar.

Brown Dwarfs

There are a couple different types of dwarf planets but the Brown Dwarf is one you see more often and it is a failed star. A Brown Dwarf Planet is smaller than a star and can produces its own light. They also end up orbiting around other stars. The first Brown Dwarf was found in 1995 and it was called Gliese 229B but this one was orbiting around a red Dwarf Planet. After all that, the Brown Dwarf is just one of the dwarfs you see more often.
The Dwarf Planets and Trans-Neptunian Objects (TNOs)


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