PRIDE Newsletter

by Megan

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PRIDE Class Goes to Carmel High School

Our Pride Class visited Carmel High School to see our Pen Pals.

We played kickball with our friends and took turns kicking and catching the ball. It was a lot of fun. During our visit we ate lunch in their cafeteria. Next our Pride Class had ice cream, brownies and whipped cream with our friends. It was delicious! Then we went on the school bus back to Pawling High School.

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Crew is running in the kickball game.

Happy Summer

My Grandpa is coming to visit from Miami Florida. He will go to the airport. Our family will go out for dinner and go shopping. We will go to the pool.

Sammie's Newsletter

Sammie wrote about:

-Our Visit to the World Peace Sanctuary

-School to Work

- New Room in September

Crew's Newsletter

Crew wrote about:

- Pawling Walking Tour

- Mrs.Moore's Project

- Crew's summer

Randy's Newsletter

Randy wrote about:

-Welcome Sammie

-Loop Bus/Daily Planet Trip

- ChooseMyPlate

- Biology

- Summer plans

Jesus' Newsletter

Jesus wrote about:

- books we read

- Learning Chinese