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A guide to working with mentees at your school site

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Mentor Focus: August 15th – 30th

Welcome to a new school year! Thank you so much for your continued mentoring support in our district. If you are new to the mentoring team – we are so glad to have you on board!

These bi-monthly newsletters will offer suggestions for mentoring actions to support novice teachers and teachers new to the district in eight areas of concern: Personal; Professional; Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment; Organizational Systems; Students, Colleagues; School Systems; Parents and Community. There will also be an additional note for Special Educators. Again, these are only suggestions! Feel free to choose an area you feel needs the most focus with your mentee. Don’t forget to pass on the newsletter to your school’s mentors until we update the distribution list with the latest email addresses!

1. Personal: Most of you will have already met and welcomed your new mentees to your school. If you have not, contact them as soon as possible to introduce yourself and our program. A) If signups for additional duties are still circulating the school, discourage your new teacher from volunteering – at least in the first semester. B) Celebrate the completion of the first week of school!

2. Professional: A) Explain the induction and mentoring program. Include what the new teacher can expect from you and the new teacher’s responsibilities as well. B) Be a role model by always speaking professionally about administrative staff, support staff, and other teachers.

3. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: A) Debrief district and school curriculum meetings. Some terms and examples may have no meaning for the new teacher. B) Assist the new teachers by reviewing the lesson plans that they have created. Many new teachers struggle with pacing – too much or too little in a lesson. A veteran eye can quickly pick up where there might need to be a little tweak.

4. Organizational Systems: A) Set up a card file, three-ring binder, or online communication system to provide the novice teacher organization tips throughout the year. B) Discuss strategies for organizing the paperwork and emails to and from parents as well as school and district offices.

5. Students: A) Work with the new teacher to identify necessary procedures and routines. B) Discuss the importance of community building activities during the first week.

6. Colleagues: A) Explain the support services available and provide a list of the names of providers at the school and district level. B) Go over policies, possibilities, and potential pitfalls of working with paraprofessionals.

7. School Systems: Review procedures for fire drills and school crisis plans.

8. Parents and Community: Explain the importance of early home contact and assist the new teacher in thinking through how to establish positive partnerships with parents.

*Special Educators: Model and/or co-facilitate an IEP meeting.

New Teacher Induction Documents

You can find all of the forms for induction here.

New Teacher Night Out!

New Teacher Night Out!

Saturday, Aug. 24th, 6-9pm

1477 Pineapple Avenue

Melbourne, FL

Mentors, strongly encourage your new teachers to attend an event just for them:

"New teachers, join us to meet and network with all new teachers in Brevard County! Bring a friend! Meet a new friend! Refreshments provided."


Course Title: "New Hire Retirement Plan Choice Workshop"

Mentors, please share with mentees if they were hired after the New Teacher Orientation or if they still have questions on what FRS plan to choose.

Course Title: "New Hire Retirement Plan Choice Workshop"

This retirement plan choice workshop is for new employees who want to learn about the Florida Retirement System (FRS) Retirement Plans. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the FRS Pension and Investment Plan, as well as the tools and resources available to help you determine which plan may be right for you. Presentation by an Ernst & Young representative.

Target audience: Employees new to the FRS within the 8-month plan election window.

Welcome to Brevard Public Schools! The Florida Retirement System (FRS) is the retirement program for our District. As a new, eligible employee, you must choose from one of the two FRS plans, Investment Plan or the Pension Plan. You have eight months to make your plan choice. If you do not make an active choice, you will default into the Investment Plan when your 8-month window closes. We highly encourage you to attend one of these workshops. Please register in ProGOE, course and section numbers for each session are below.

September 2019
9/9/2019, Wednesday
5:00 – 6:30 pm (check-in: 4:30 – 5:00 pm)
ESF Boardroom
Course # 16526 Section # 404676

Registration opens: 8/13/2019 closes: 9/4/2019

January 2020
1/29/2020, Wednesday
5:00 – 6:30 pm (check-in: 4:30 – 5:00 pm)
ESF Boardroom
Course # 16526 Section # 404690
Registration opens: 1/6/2020 closes: 1/27/2020