The Voice of Raleigh Park - January 30, 2019

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The Winds of Change...

Hello Tigers!

Musician, TV personality, sausage enthusiast, and philosopher (I guess) Jimmy Dean was once quoted, "I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination". The winds are blowing and Raleigh Park will be adjusting it's sails.

Specifically, Raleigh Park was one of two schools identified and recommended as being the "best options" for a change in hours of operation. Starting next school year (2019-20), we will shift to a Tier 1 school (aka "early start"), with student hours 8:00a - 2:30p.

As communicated to me, the specific reasons Raleigh Park was chosen:

  • There are a manageable number of buses/routes involved (5)
  • Geographically, Raleigh Park is located in a desirable position, enabling several options to pair it with a Tier 2 school
  • Historically, there has been trouble with buses getting to Raleigh Park on time in the AM
  • All 5 of the elementary schools east of 217 start at Tier 2. The District needed to relieve some demand in this area
  • Raleigh Park has a tight attendance area which can be serviced in less than 30 minutes. This is important in the PM as District transportation can complete the routes quickly and get to a neighboring elementary schools on time

I know this information will impact each of us differently; some may welcome the change, while it may present a hardship for others. As our transportation department attempts to piece together the logistical puzzle, it is not lost on me that we are just one school in a much bigger picture. Simply, there was a need, our number was called, and it is our turn to step up as team players.

As always, I'm happy to discuss should you have any questions or concerns.

My best,


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Lice, Lice Baby!

Raleigh Park has had multiple cases of head lice reported to us within the last few weeks. It is also my understanding there may be cases in which we are unaware. While lice is always present in our community, and all other communities, the overall number of REPORTED incidents per classroom is relatively small.

HOWEVER, as a parent, I know any reported case of lice within the school presents some feelings of uncertainty and helplessness with regards to their child's exposure. Even the most vigilant and cautious families can find themselves confronted face to face with the issue. Our goal as a greater community, and in partnership with each other, is to destigmatize the occurrences of head lice and ensure it is reported.

As noted in earlier editions of TIGER TALES, the District's practice has changed in response to recommendations from Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon School Boards Association. Specifically, if a student is found to have lice, they may stay at school. While lice may be irritating and a nuisance, it is not considered a reportable, medical condition or a reason to exclude a student from school.

If a case of lice is found at school, our practice is to counsel the student on avoiding head to head contact and not sharing personal items before going back to class. We subsequently make a phone call home and educate our families on the issue, inclusive of available resources to treat lice.

In the mean time, I have asked our staff to look for opportunities in and out of the classroom to educate and remind students, specifically how we manage and minimize co-mingling and/or sharing of personal items (coats, backpacks, etc.).

What we don't/can't do:

  • Mandate the "Mr. Curl Haircut" (although I'm happy to do so for free)
  • Send "lice letters" home
  • Classroom and/or school-wide lice screening, as they have not demonstrated a significant effect on the incidents at school
  • Apply insecticides to classrooms or other school-related areas where students congregate
  • Quarantine a student and/or their possessions
  • Medicate or otherwise treat students at school
  • Otherwise violate confidentiality of affected students and families

Some important things to remember about lice:

  • Counter to popular opinion, school is not a common place for the transmission of lice. It is much more common for lice to be "shared" via head to head contact, among family members, overnight guests, playmates who spend a large amount of time together, daycare facilities, and common use of personal items, blankets, pillows, etc.
  • Hygiene and personal cleanliness has no bearing as to whether someone gets lice
  • Lice can only crawl; they can neither jump or fly from person to person
  • Lice can only live 1-2 days off the head; it is highly unlikely students would come to a classroom after a weekend in which lice are living and breeding
  • If you treat lice with over the counter solutions, it does not mean the treatment is over; continued vigilance is important until every nit (egg) is gone

What to do if you suspect your child has head lice?

  • PLEASE CONTACT RALEIGH PARK. Not only do we need to be aware for the greater good, but we have information regarding treatment and prevention
  • Talk to a healthcare provider or pharmacist to discuss the best treatment approach for your family
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Immunization Exclusion Day: February 20

State law requires that all children in public and private schools, preschools, Head Start and certified child care facilities have up-to-date immunizations, or have a medical or nonmedical exemption.

Parents or guardians will receive a letter in early February if their child’s immunization record shows that he or she has not received the required vaccinations. Children will not be able to attend school or childcare starting February 20, 2019, if their records on file show missing immunizations.

In preparation for Exclusion Day, students are invited to visit the Beaverton School-Based Health Clinic (SBHC) to get caught up on any needed immunizations. The SBHC is open to taking immunization appointments any time during business hours, we encourage all students schedule an appointment in advance of Exclusion Day.

While the information below specifies a particular day, we always encourage patients to call and make an appointment for immunizations any time prior to Exclusion Day during our regular business hours in order to avoid being excluded.

Beaverton SBHC immunization Clinic Day: Monday, February 11, 2019, 8:30a-4:00p

  • Students that DO NOT have the required vaccines by February 20th will be EXCLUDED from school until they have received the appropriate vaccines.
  • Students 14 and under need to have legal guardian present.
  • Students over 15 can come in on their own, but ID and insurance information are required.
  • We take most major insurances, except Kaiser. *Please bring proof of insurance coverage.
  • Patients will be billed according to their ability to pay. Proof of income is required to be eligible for discount.

*No patient will be turned away for their inability to pay. Please ask front desk staff for more information.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 503-356-3985. Walk-in availability is limited and there may be long wait times for walk-ins. The Beaverton School-Based Health Center is located on the Beaverton High School campus, 13000 SW 2nd Street, Beaverton, OR 97005. Hours are Monday to Friday: 8:00a – 4:30p (closed 12:00 – 12:30 p.m. for lunch).

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Erin's Law: Next Steps & Opt Out

In October and November editions or TIGER TALES, I spoke of Senate Bill 856, also know as Erin's Law. I included a letter explaining the nature of the lessons students will receive this school year; just a component of a much larger District-wide health education adoption. An important part of the recently adopted health curriculum is to help children with personal body safety and abuse prevention. As a reference, I've included the original letter below, as it explains the lessons are available on the website www.fightchildabuse.org.

It is important to note our staff is in the process of becoming more familiar with this curriculum. Moving forward, instruction for your students about Erin's Law is scheduled between February and May 2019. Parents will be notified by their classroom teacher prior to instruction. For additional information, you may learn more using the following links:

If you wish to opt your child(ren) out of Erin's Law lessons, please contact the classroom teacher or the main office, as there is a form (multiple languages available) to complete and return prior to lessons beginning.

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First Grade Celebration of Celebrations


Just because...




  • 4 - Report Cards Go Home
  • 5 - 3rd Gr. Art Day @ ACMA, 9:00a
  • 6 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 7 - Community Meeting, 8:40a
  • 8 - District Wide Lockout, 9:30a
  • 12 - PTO Meeting, 8:30a
  • 13 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 18 - NO SCHOOL - President's Day
  • 20 - Immunization Exclusion Day
  • 20 - Early Release - 1:30p
  • 22 - RPTV
  • 25 - Mar. 1 - Spring Play Practice
  • 27 - Passport Club, 8:00a

  • 2 - Spring Play
  • 6 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 7 - Cedar Park and Whitford Fly-Ups, 9:00a
  • 12 - PTO Meeting, 7:00p
  • 13 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 14 - 5th Gr. Music Program, 6:30a
  • 20 - Passport Club, 8:00a
  • 20 - Early Release, 1:30p
  • 22 - RPTV
  • 25 - 29 - SPRING BREAK - NO SCHOOL