IPhone vs. HTC One V

Composed by: Grant Gieske

Decision, Decisions, Decide

I slowly walk forth, searching for the treasure. Aha, there it is, But suddenly I am conflicted. There are two treasures, but I can't decide which to choose. The Apple IPhone 4, or the HTC One V. I slowly grab for one, but jerk my hand back for the other. But then, I remember what I learned in 4H. The six step decision making model we went over in class. After using this, I will be able to decide which treasure I should choose.

Step One: D

The first step to consider when I am deciding which phone to buy is to define the decision I am making. The decision is to decide which phone I want to purchase.

Step Two: E

The second step I must take into consideration is to estimate my resources available. My resources available are that I have one week to purchase my phone. The HTC is approximately one-hundred-twenty dollars, while the IPhone is approximately one-hundred dollars. I am allowed to spend one-hundred-fifty dollars of my allowance.

Step Three: C

The third step of the decision making model is to consider the alternative. The HTC and the IPhone four, with tax, are both under one-hundred-fifty dollars so both alternatives, with or without tax are available.

Step Four: I

The fourth step in the decision making process is information gathering. The HTC worked the fastest and had great reaction time. It also had a great camera. The IPhone four was easy to fit in my pocket unlike the HTC which was a little too big and it was sleeker than the HTC. Although the HTC One V is more expensive, it has astonishing graphics. The IPhone four is the more cost friendly alternative, but drops calls when you go under areas such as bridges.

Step Five: D

The fifth step is to decide. I choose to buy the HTC One V as opposed to the IPhone four.

Step Six: E

The sixth and final step in the decision making process is to evaluate the decision. I believe I made the better choice because although the IPhone four is the more economical choice currently, it will ultimately cost more on the electricity bill to charge. The HTC has a higher battery life which, in the end, will save my family money on our electricity bill. This is why the HTC was the better phone.

Decisions, Decisions, Decided

In conclusion, I used the six steps in determining which one of two phones to purchase. These six steps I used are to define the decision, estimate resources available, consider the alternatives, gather information, decide, and evaluate the decision. Ultimately, these steps helped me determine the better alternative.