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March 19, 2021

In this early issue:

  • Summer Learning Opportunities: Partnership with Wilmette District 39
  • Remember the Calendar Changes: March 22-25 & April 5-9
  • Travel Guidance and COVID Testing (Spots are Filling)
  • More feedback ... The 5Essentials

Summer Learning Opportunities - See Here

Many parents and guardians are concerned that their students have "fallen behind" due to learning in the pandemic. Our overall data shows nothing definitive in this regard. Some grades scored higher on standard measures this Winter, some lower, some the same. And we believe the Spring results will be well within our typical ranges of performance. What is most important is that your child's teacher is aware of their growth and is addressing any concerns. Of course, if you have concerns, you should reach out to your student's teacher.

This summer, it is not my professional recommendation that students pile on academic work in some attempt to 'catch up.' Rather, I believe a healthy and balanced approach to engaging students physically, mentally, and cognitively is best.

In terms of academics, Avoca is continuing our partnership with Wilmette District 39 for summer learning programming, which runs from July 6th through July 30th (The Wilmette Park District runs a program that serves students in the afternoons on these dates). This partnership allows the two districts to pool resources and provides Avoca students to work in learning environments based on students with similar needs, which would not be so easily accomplished if Avoca attempted to run its own program. Wilmette District 39 will be providing Academic Camp, Review & Reinforcement (R&R), and Extended School Year (ESY) courses.

Avoca students who will benefit from additional math, reading, or writing practice over the summer are encouraged to register for the Academic Camp courses. Registration for Academic Camp and course descriptions can be found here.

Review & Reinforcement (R&R) and Extended School Year (ESY) courses are reserved for students meeting specific criteria and require teacher recommendation. If your student qualifies for these summer school courses, you will receive a letter that outlines the recommendation and provides registration instructions.

Bus service is available for those who live within the District 37 boundaries for a $140.00 fee. Transportation forms will be mailed and copies are available at each school office. Please contact Dawn Scaramuzza in the Pupil Services office with any questions. She can be reached at or by calling 847-728-4142

Remember Our Calendar Changes: March 22-25 & April 5-9

Just a reminder: Because there is no school on March 26 and due to Parent Teacher Conferences, next week will not have a Remote Learning Monday, but will otherwise follow the A Day/B Day of the Hybrid Schedule.

  • K-1 Students. Regular Schedule M & T. 1/2 Days on W, Th. No school Friday.
  • 2-5 Students. M & W = A Day. T & Th = B Day. 1/2 Days on W, Th. No School Friday.
  • 6-8 Students. M &W = A Day. T & Th = B Day. 1/2 Days on W, Th. No School Friday.

Likewise, when we return from Spring Break, April 5 & 6 will be planning days for teachers (no student attendance) as they prepare to have many more students onsite everyday for our Modified Onsite Daily Schedule, which starts April 7. See here for all students.

  • April 5 & 6 - No School.
  • April 7 - Modified Onsite Daily Schedule Begins (see info from principals coming next week)

The MOD schedule is daily but it will be modified, not a pre-covid full day. This is due to some safety precautions still being necessary which affect having a full school day and because some staff have been re-allocated to make both onsite learning and remote learning successful. Principal Hutchison and Principal Palcer will be sending more details next week, but the great news is our students who want to be in school every day will be and our staff is excited to see them daily. Our K-5 remote learners will see their remote classroom teacher every day and our 6-8 remote learners will continue to learn as they have so far this year.

Travel Guidance & COVID Testing (Spots are Filling)

Please be sure to see my updated travel guidance as of March 15, by clicking here.

Also, the free COVID testing being offered at Marie Murphy on April 2, 3 and 4 is rapidly filling. In fact, April 4 testing slots are filled. You can read more about it by clicking here.

If you cannot find a testing appointment when you need it, North Shore Clinical labs has other sites nearby which might have availability. Call 773-570-6510 to find out more.

More Feedback ...

On top of all the surveys and meetings we have asked you to participate in, the State of Illinois has an annual survey called the 5Essentials, which it asks parents & guardians to complete. Based on sound research from the University of Chicago, this feedback in "normal" years helps us understand how to better communicate with you and involve you in our decision making. We hope you fill it out this year, so we can continue to grow. Click on the picture to the right and it will take you to the 5Essential survey site.