Mrs. Wilson's Language Arts Class

November 30 - December 4

Language This Week

Monday we started the annotated text for the week titles, "Girl. Fighter. Hero." It is about 16 year- old Sybil Ludington and her role in the Revolutionary War.

Tuesday we looked at the reading strategy of re-reading. We talked about reasons why someone might re-read a section of his or her book. We took another look at the Two Brothers reading from last week. We look again at the section where the brothers were giving reasons as to why they should or should not go on their journey. Once we did that, many of the students agreed that the older brother had more logical reasons as to why NOT to go on the journey. Many also agreed that in the end the younger brother made the better choice of going on the journey. I told them hindsight is always 20/20!

Wednesday we check our reading schedule. We were about 2/3 of the way through the reading time at this point so that means that the students should have been about 2/3 of the way through their book. If they were not, we talked about making a new reading schedule for the last week of reading.

Thursday we had shortened class periods because of the Behavior Survey. I gave the students the majority of the hour to read. We also took a moment to review our classroom rules. The new seating arrangements with the book groups made some of the students forget what they should be doing during work time.

Friday students continued to move closer toward their goal of finishing their book by the end of class next Tuesday.

Students should be finishing their book by Wednesday. Next week I will be introducing the project to the students who I have not talked to about it yet. We will also be looking at the rubric and grading requirements. This project will average in with the Narrative writing piece. This project should only help your child's grade if they follow the guidelines.

Important Dates

December 15- 6th Grade Projects are due. I will be introducing the project next week.

December 18- 7th Grade Projects are due. I will be introducing the project next week.

December 24-January 3- Winter Break- No School

January 6- Kona Ice Day

January 18- End of 2nd Quarter