The 6M Event: Mindfulness Matters…


Sunday, May 24, 2015 Retro Fitness @ Glen Cove, New Yoga Salon

12:00 High Noon until 3:00 PM

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Who Says You Can't Be Mindful In Our World?

This 6M Million Dollar Value Workshop is for Parents of Special Education students . This Workshop speaks to that which we do not see on an energetic and vibrational level. We resolve and coalesce our day-to day, by honoring what is really running the show: the mechanism. We teach you how to cultivate and steep attention onto that. Ah.

Through meditation, we can create space in our minds and bodies to react less habitually to our thoughts and feelings, especially with the challenges of IEPs, schedules, or relationships. In this intimate group setting, you'll learn practical mindfulness tools to use throughout the day, discuss healthy posture and find out how to sit, breathe and stand more comfortably. There will be time to explore issues that arise when meditating and the resistance to doing it. The sensitivity to being parents of children with special needs is woven through the workshop. We will practice guided, silent and walking meditation. If you think your mind is too busy or that you are just not good at meditating, this workshop is for you!

Amy facilitates this VIP Day of Mindset, Mindfulness, Meditation, Motivation. Movement + Momentum. to intervene on the behalf of the effect the stress has upon day to day life, our health, wellbeing and all we come in contact with. Bring Amy your dilemmas, challenges and frustrations and leave with support, success and much hope. Solutions are found not at the level of the problem. See how Eat. Sleep. Move. Pray. Love. Technology moves the needle from stress to a harmonic convergence and family home living turns into peaceful, calm, lovingkindness moments.


The toll a diagnosis has upon a family and the effect of it tends to pull partners away from one another. Intimacy suffers, parenting skills are ineffective and family harmony devolves. With divorce at an increasing rate of 54% in the non-diagnosed populations and 85% in the Special needs community, I help solve an urgent, pervasive and costly problem. Using the lens of wholeness, my task is to bring passion back between parents, peace to the hearth and resolve the root of the resolution aka The Truth of the Matter. You have treated symptoms, hired coaches to keep your child on track, consulted with neuro-psychologists, psychiatrists and still--- you are tearing your hair out.


  • Join Amy Elias, MS for an experiential workshop to learn mindfulness tools to manage our reactions to stress and to strengthen the pathways to happiness. We all encounter stress in small and large ways on a daily basis. Whether it is an underlying sense of anxiousness, feeling overwhelmed by life, or dealing with anger or despair, we can prevent these difficult states from getting lodged in our bodies and minds and learn how to cultivate a more readily available sense of contentment and joy. Through mindfulness meditation, learning how to stay with ourselves in difficult or unclear moments, and finding the positive in mind/body practices, we can make profound shifts in how we are in the world. We can stop our habitual, unhelpful patterns with compassion and kindness and find the clarity and spaciousness to feel more ease and greater aliveness.
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  • Each attendee, once registered, has a Discovery Session Option to be held before our workshop VIP DAY and then receives month long support. * This option supplies Amy with necessary background, information that only enhances the group session and follows after workshop is over. NOT NECESSARY. Just an option.

  • Amy treats mechanisms and helps you rewire, recalibrate and reinvent a new tomorrow, today, for you and your family.

  • May 24, 2015 from 12-3 PM.


    Natural and Organic Snacks Included


    Per couple: $110.00

    Per Person: $65.00

    *OPTIONAL: *Discovery Session is a consultation that provides client specific protocols to set up your IAP for you, your family, your Life. One Month Post Support For an Additional $200.00. Payment Plan. Worth it's weight in Gold.

    Wear soft flowing clothing to feel free in.

    The 6M Event: Mindfulness Matters For Families With Special Needs

    Sunday, May 24th, 12pm

    4 Cedar Swamp Road

    Glen Cove, NY

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  • Amy has extensive experience working with the body and mind through years of training in meditation, yoga, special educational settings from the severely handicapped and their development, Shiatsu, homeopathy, Anthroposophy and macrobiotic education in diet and lifestyle She holds a MS from Adelphi University and had a career as a professional special education teacher in the Manhasset Public Schools. While raising her family of five with natural living as the backbone, she would consult with individuals and small groups in living life naturally in mind, body, spirit and the heart. She launched her private practice on Long Island and NYC and used her signature program-The Rhythmic Living Cycle: Eat. Sleep. Move. Pray. Love. to make a difference in lives with her Individual Alignment Plan for each person, a concierge practice to help achieve happiness. Amy, along with her husband educates post graduate doctors in the Epigenome: diet, lifestyle and environment and teaches functional medicine as a new emerging paradigm to help them shift into the cutting edge. Amy is a certified yoga teacher in ISHTA and Anusara Yoga and has been a practicing yogi since the 1970s. She has studied, over the past 30 years, with Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Dr. Douglas Brooks, Yogiraj Alan Finger, John Friend, Michio Kushi. Ohashi, and facilitates a weekly meditation and wellness groups. Her interest in neuroscience and how it connects all things in life from resilience, anxiety, stress, disease, relationships, learning, happiness is seen a common denominator she focuses upon. Amy also teaches workshops on pleasure for women only, for couples and a pleasure group coaching. Amy teaches us how to manage stress by combining meditation and everyday mindfulness practices that support our self definition of how to manage our reactions to stress and to strengthen the pathways to happiness. Amy is an Executive Board Member of Long Island Professional ADHD Consortium (LIPAC).

  • Join us at at Retro Fitness of Glen Cove, New York. Amy Elias, MS Special Education Teacher, Mind-Body Medicine Expert and Yoga Teacher, Epigenome and Microbiome Consultant brings over 30 years in Mind-Body Medicine, Personal Development, Lifestyle + Wellness Consulting plus cutting edge thought leadership to bring wholeness back to the lives of those challenged by the stress and reality of a diagnosis of their child or anything related as such.

    With her Concierge approach to Life, Amy builds an Individualized Alignment Plan-IAP- You are sure to be at your optimal blueprint for happiness for you, yourself and your family. Her tools are basic, universal and timeless and honor the brain science that really runs the show. Amy says, It is all about the brain.