By Marissa Meyers

About the Book

Scarlet, written by Marissa Meyers is the second book of the Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet is a teen aged girl who is looking for her grandmother who went missing a few days before Scarlet's eighteenth birthday. While searching for her grandmother she meets a mysterious street fighter named Wolf. Cinder is from the first book of the Lunar Chronicles and is in Scarlet. She has just escaped New Beijing Prison because she found out that she was the lost Lunar princess and that the evil Lunar Queen wants her dead. Cinder escapes with a convict by the name of Thorne, who just so happens to be wanted all over the world. Emperor Kai is doing everything in his power to not marry Queen Levana (the Lunar Queen) and keep Cinder alive. Queen Levana's alternative motive is to marry Kai but after she marries him she'll kill him just so she can become empress.


Three major characters in Scarlet are Scarlet herself, Cinder, Emperor Kai


The setting takes place in two places one in New Beijing and France. Scarlet lives in France and Cinder lives in New Beijing.

About the Author

Marissa Meyer lives near Seattle, with her husband and her cats. She loves to dress up. Her favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She also like to watch reruns of a tv show called FireFly. Her other books include Cress, Winter, Fairest.


I can compare Scarlet to Divergent because they are in away the same thing. Queen Levana is like Jeanine Mathews because she wants all of the Lunar shells dead like how Jeanine Mathews wants all of the Divergent dead. Scarlet is like Tris because she is independent, and stubborn, she will do anything to keep the ones she loves out of harms way.

Recomondation and rating

I would recommend Scarlet to those who love fairy tales and Si Fi books. Also for those who love romance with a splash of comedy . I would rate Scarlet a 9 out of 10 because in the beginning it's a little slow.