October Events

Potatoes, Families, Fun, Fundraisers and Halloween!


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MHHS Student Council Sponsored Halloween!

Chaos, Creativity and Costumes

MHHS Student Council organized and sponsored the Halloween Festivities on October 30-31, 2019! Students designed, decorated and participated in the decorating, the games and activities.

It went from chaos to creativity in a very short period of time! Good job Student Council!




Cartoons, Couples and Characters!

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Costume Contest Winner! Abby Dewey!

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Abby Dewey is the winner of the Halloween Costume Contest for the 2019-2020 school year. This astounding Native American Headdress is handmade by Ms. Dewey, herself! She researched the headdress, planned the process of how to build the headdress, designed and envisioned the headers, gathered and washed the feathers, attached each feather individually and decorated the final product.

Ms. Dewey is also using this process for her Senior Project! Way to go Abbey!

Microsoft Certification Recipients

Students tested their Microsoft skills in Ms. Pelayo's Business class. Proud recipients of the this awesome certification are below!
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Liberty Johnson on the left; Louise Ramirez on the right. Ms. Ramirez earned the highest ever score at MHHS!!! Congratulations. Not shown is Lillian Buckner! Come find us Ms. Buckner and we will get you up on the webpage, too!


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Student with wonderful math skills!

Jorge Paz poses beside an angle bisector in Mr. Repke's class. Great work kiddo! You look like a pro!


Senior English Hands-on Collaboration Begins

The Senior English class of 2020 is building a Medieval Castle! This castle is under construction and as we all know, it takes a long time to build something as massive as this. Students chose their own teams and assignments. The had to collaborate on scale and measurements (some did not work--so--they learned a great deal), and the had to design their castle as realistically as possible with a Keep, Towers for defenses, a Portcullis, a Defensive Curtain Wall and of course an area for storage in case their castle comes under siege. The picture below shows the first steps of the progress. More to come as the castle takes shape!

The project will continue into next session while the students explore Hamlet, Henry the V, the Law Salique, and Saint George and the Dragon, otherwise known as an excerpt of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queen.

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Students working with math in an English class???? What? Castle walls are sized up and scaled for the Medieval Castle Project!
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Students at the table work to create the Keep of the castle. The Keep was the inner sanctum and retreat for the owners of the castle. If the walls are breached, the women and children would be placed in the Keep Tower where they could be defended and kept safe. The Keep also held a food supply, kegs of wine, linens, a large and diverse cold room (under the Keep) and a weapons' storage area for arrows and bows, ballistic and other necessary items.
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Only three days in and the castle is cut out, the Walls, Keep and Towers are being built. The drawbridge, held by a VERY proud Aaron Montoya, is ready to be drawn, and the students are excited about their next day's progress!

More to come!!!

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Day 5 of the Medieval Castle Project! Wow! Look at the progress! Stay tuned for more awesome student-created work!

Forts and More!

Ms. Uscola's history classes make model forts. Check them out!
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Justin Rutherford and Marshall Heuston show off their work!
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Jayme Peacock, Ayla Hernandez, and Jeff Mort are super proud of their work!
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Steven Collier poses with his fort!
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Erandy Lopez's fort is awesome!
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Orlando Bernabe, Ivan Guerrero, Brandon Diaz, and Miguel Ruiz show off their creation!

Potatoes Galore

Miller Research Farms

MHHS students and staff gleaned potatoes from the Miller Research Farms Potato Days on September 28, 2019. Students gathered taped boxes, gathered potatoes for others and learned the value of service. Students earned either make-up time hours or hours toward their service cord at graduation.

A HUGE thanks to Miller Research Farms for their kindness to the community!

Pennies for Pets

Goal Achieved! Pennies for Paws!

The Pennies for Paws fund raiser for the Minidoka Animal Shelter is officially over! Thank you to all the people who donated both their funds and dog food!

The class were divided into Seniors and Freshmen versus Juniors and Sophomores. Here are the totals:

  • Seniors and Freshmen: $206.12
  • Juniors and Sophomores: $126.90
  • Grand total cash and dogwood donations: $333.02

This means the Seniors and Freshmen receive the pizza party! Yeah! I am sure there will be a consolation prize for the Juniors and Sophomores! We love our school!

Minidoka Animal Shelter Fundraiser

The Pennies for Pets penny wars begins today, October 1, 2019, and continues until November 1, 2019. Donations of dry dog food (NO Old Roy at the request of the Minidoka Animal Shelter are also accepted and will be delivered weekly by either Ms. Grant or Ms. Hurst.

Student teams include the following:

  • Seniors and Freshman
  • Juniors and Sophomores

Students may add to the coin containers during the lunch hour. The coin containers are located in the Teachers' Lounge. Ms. Grant and Ms. Hurst be there during that time to accept donated change. A Service Day at the Rupert Animal Shelter is scheduled for later in October. More to come on this!

As this event is sponsored by the Senior Class of 2020, the prize to the winning team will be a pizza party! Let's remember to support our community!

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Micah Bernard, Senior Class President, at Rupert Animal Shelter with first dog food donation. This donation was in the name of the Senior/Freshman class competition!
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Second Dog Food Donation

Lexi Hurst donated two enormous bags of dog food to the Animal Shelter! Lexi's contributions go to the Junior/Sophomore completion. Beside her is the Senior class president, Micah Bernard!

MHHS Student Council News

The MHHS Student Council, led by Janelle Dallolio, traveled to Boise, Idaho, to tour the capitol and receive leadership training!
Student Council at the ROPES course at the College of Southern Idaho!


MHHS is the alternative school for Minidoka County; we are proud to serve our students and community!