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Welcome to our Opal Cliffs Learning Hub!

There are times and circumstances which ask us to re-imagine our learning models, and this is that time here in our Soquel Union Elementary Schools District community. The TK-8 Opal Cliffs Home-based Learning Model was designed to meet the needs of families for whom a typically scheduled virtual or non-virtual day is not the optimal fit. In looking at potential solutions, there were very few samples of exact models that truly met our school community’s interest. As such, our staff was able to draft a learning option that is foundationally student and home-centered and flexible.


The mission of the Opal Cliffs Home-based Learning model (OC HBLM) is to provide students and families a learning pathway that is both time and activity flexible, where the family unit serves as the primary learning coach and the Soquel Union Elementary School District Staff serve as educational consultants and guides.


Students will build skills and experiences that will be both rigorous and relevant, and be defined by the aspirations, goals, and strengths of each individual’s family.

Home and School Partnership

While this new model is largely home-based, all children and adults are members of the Opal Cliffs community. This diverse community is comprised of students and families in grades transitional kindergarten through eight and will include Soquel Union Elementary School District employees expressly responsible in support of the OC HBLM.

Our Weekly Schedule

OC HBLM will include both weekly virtual check-ins between families and staff, as well as daily synchronous and live interactions. Weekly schedules are designed by staff and be held between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:00 pm. Each check-in virtual lasts approximately thirty minutes. Daily interactions are required, though for OC HBLM the daily interaction will be daily learning time each morning, and may be a small or large group. Each week's schedule will include a discussion about each student's individualized learning plan and goals.

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How can you help your students develop a growth mindset? How can they build resilience and keep trying even when something is hard? Many families are working through these same challenges with their kids at home.

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