"Transitioning Your Position"

3 Week Update

We are soaring! Please read on.


We are 3 weeks into our "Transitioning" small group. This is the first of 3 updates that I will send. With your help, we may see the changes necessary for academic and life success. I will send an update at the 6-week and 9-week (final) mark.

If your child has not shared, I want to update you on what we have discussed thus far!

First 3 Session Highlights

Session #1 - Welcome

  • Students established group rules and norms.
  • Students discussed why they thought they were in the group. What insight!!
  • (HW) Students were tasked to create a NEW name for the group. (coming soon)
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Session #2 - Organize It…Prioritize It…Set Your Goals!

  • Students learned how organization is the first step to academic and overall success.
  • Students learned the importance of a schedule and why scheduling time to study and work on homework will help them reach specific goals.
  • Students were given a tailored "Weekly Agenda" to be used for one week. Did you see it? It provided more space for students to be more detailed when writing down assignments and tasks.
  • I provided some "Study Tools" for students to use while studying. Just like doctors and mechanics, students have tools they use to get things done. The "Study Toolbox" is to stay at home and be used each time during homework and study hours.
  • (HW) - Use weekly agenda. Decorate "Study Toolkit" and send picture to Ms. Thompson - I saw some awesome decorated boxes too! Thank you for the pictures.
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Session #3 - Are your goals SMART?

  • Students were able to dive further into prioritizing and understanding that goals have steps that should be followed.
  • Students learned about the SMART Goal acronym. Ask them about it!
  • We took a trip to their locker, where an "Organization Reminder" chart was placed inside. -- They should see this every time they open their locker.
  • (HW) - Create a SMART Goal to be presented at Session #4 - 12/09

So far, we have learned a lot! Reinforcing skills at home will help ease transition to change too!

Questions ?

I am here for any additional support you may need.

Remember, the group is confidential unless a child's safety is in question. Feel free to ask your child about their experience!