January 2016

Happy New Year!

Here is a little bit of what is happening right now in PACE...

First Grade

First grade read Snowflake Bentley. They discussed symmetry and how snowflakes are symmetric.

Second Grade

Second grade started their World of Wonders unit. They read A School Like Mine and discussed how schools differ around the world, from Europe and Asia to Australia, Africa, and the Americas.

Third Grade

Third graders have continued to explore with MicroWorlds. They have learned to animate and add music to their programs.

Fourth Grade

The students are using math and spatial skills to create a house floor plan to meet the needs of a fictional family. They must also calculate the price of the house based on the cost factors handout given to them.

Fifth Grade

Over the next few weeks, fifth graders will be learning the basics of the stock market. Starting in February, they will participate in the Stock Market Game. It is a real-world simulation which will enable them to discover the risks and rewards involved in the stock market.
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PACE Testing

I will be assessing potential PACE students during the month of January. This might impact PACE classes in the next week or two.
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Contact Information

Laurie Kane

Gifted Specialist/PACE Teacher