Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas



Homecoming is a very exciting week at Texas Tech University. They cellebrate with bonfires, parades, parties, the homecoming football game, & more exciting activites. They also elect homecoming Queen & King. The picture below, is of the Red Raider mascot at one of the biggest bonfires they've ever had.
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Fight Song

The Texas Tech fight song is very important to their school. They Raiders sing the fight song at almost every important event. Most commonly at the football games. Every Tech student knows this song. This traditon has been around every since the school came about.
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Raider Gate

Raider Gate is a tradion that had been going on for years. The Raider Gate is a huge party, on campus, for tailgating. The party includes, tailgating, live music bands. food, and celebrating the home football team! The Raider Gate is to get pumped up for school.
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