Room 104 Classroom News

December 8, 2014


The Holiday Season is upon us! I hope that you all take some time to enjoy this busy time of year! I can tell the children are very excited about the Holidays! We have been making some seasonal decorations for the room and decorating the classroom Christmas tree! December 4-9 is the Food Drive. Students are encouraged to bring in a canned food or non-perishable item to place under the Christmas tree in the cafeteria. On Wednesday, Mrs. Bairrington and Mrs. Ballard are going to take all the items to the KBTX Food Drive at the Brazos Center. Please join Greens Prairie in this opportunity of "Giving Back to the Community"!

Readers and Writers Workshop

The reading of many Holiday books will be incorporated into our Reading Workshop lessons. We are still identifying examples of Text to Self, Text to Text, and Text to World. The children have really zoomed in on connecting with the books we are reading in class. This week, I will introduce them to using schema (what they know and experiences they have) to draw upon to help them understand what they are reading. I know they will enjoy learning about this comprehension strategy!

In Writers Workshop, we have been writing letters to Santa. I will be sending these home for the Holidays, so the children make sure Santa gets it! This week, we will continue writing personal narratives - focused moment stories that have happened to them! They love to write about all the exciting events in their lives.


In math, we have been reviewing skills that were introduced during this six week grading period. These skills include: finding the unknown part of a set, modeling and solving word problems, and representing a given number in different ways ( tally marks, tens and ones, and expanded form).

This week, I will introduce how addition and subtraction are related. Understanding this concept will help the children with forming a full set of related facts ( 2 addition and 2 subtraction) involving 2 addends and a sum. As always, we will do lots of hands on activities to practice this skill. We will also be making paper gingerbread houses with our four related facts. In order to do this project, we need one large box of Fruit Loops or similar cereal, 1 bag of mini marshmallows, and one bag of pretzel sticks. If you can send in any of these items, please let me know! Your help is greatly appreciated!

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies, we continue to talk about Christmas traditions. We will also be learning about Holiday celebrations in other countries through the reading of literature.

In Science, we are learning about force and motion. We will be conducting some experiments to demonstrate push and pull, directions of motion, and factors to cause motion to change (such as friction). Again, I am in need of three marbles, and two Hot Wheels or matchbox cars to use in our demonstrations. Please let me know if we can borrow them. They will be returned in their original conditions. Thanks again!