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Sitting in the DMS cafeteria a month and some change ago, this is what our great leader, Principal Braziel drilled into our minds as we prepared for the 2016-2017 school year. "TEAM" DMS. Not just a catchy slogan made for hashtags and such, but a way of preparation, motivation and EXCELLENT education here at DMS. I have often thought, since that day, that there is perhaps no great team than the school and family working together to cultivate student success. And so, my name is Lakeisha Washington and I am honored to be your Parent Involvement Coordinator for the 2016-2017 school year.

It isn't JUST involvement though, is it? I mean, let's face it: as parents, we involve ourselves in things everyday. We involve ourselves in the drama between siblings (at least I do)... we involve ourselves in our daily affairs; working, paying bills, managing households with genuine fervor and balancing it all with exquisite finesse' (I know... I know... just hear me out) but somehow, involvement just doesn't quite explain it fairly, does it?

Being a great parent IS involving yourself into every aspect of your child's life; yes, and for the sake of tradition (and job title purposes) Parental Involvement is what I will call myself, but this is NOT who I invite you to be this year at TEAM Dublin Middle School.

See here at Dublin Middle School, We inspire. We believe. We cultivate. We empower our students to be the best and we subscribe to that notion. We buy into that process... in other words, we ENGAGE.

Ahhhh... there it is. ENGAGEMENT. Morally committed to a particular aim or cause. There's no greater cause than your children.

We here at Dublin Middle School know that.

You as parents at home... at work... know that.

My job is to bridge the connection.

So this year, I invite you to ENGAGE into TEAM DMS by being what you already are: an awesome parent! I invite you to walk the halls of our great school. Ask great questions. Offer greater suggestions. The path to success starts here.

We have so much work to do to help our students. So much more to achieve.

So let's do it.


DMS "Days With Dad": Wednesday, September 21st. ALL DAY!

Calling all dads and positive male role models!

Through our partnership with the Dublin Police Department, DMS is proud to return "Days With Dad" starting this month, every 3rd Wednesdays of the month. All dads and positive male role models are invited to come and hang out with us here at DMS. Visit your child's classroom, eat lunch, grab a game of basketball while you're here, the choices are endless! Additionally (and since you're here anyways), participate in our "D.A.B." (Dads Are Brilliant) Workshops to get useful resources to help your students continue on the path to success. See you next week!

It's APPT Time!!

DMS will be hosting its first Academic Parent Teacher Team Meeting on Thursday, September 22 5:30 p.m. for 5th-7th grade. APTT is a family engagement model that strengthens teacher-family relationships by focusing on student academic growth and achievement. Think of this like parent-teacher conferences upgraded!

Foundation Skill To Be Presented: MyOn Training

Studies show that students with targeted Lexile levels have a direct correlation to passing Milestones scores. Dublin Middle School is proud to utilize MyOn reader, a website dedicated to helping students achieve this goal. The website provides hundreds of books that students can choose from to read according to their levels. As students pass tests, their score increases! APTT will be focusing on helping parents navigate this awesome tool. There will be door prizes and other fun things as well, so make sure you have your face in the place for APTT!

Spotlight on Parent Portal

Let's go portal! DCS Parent Portal is a online tool for parents to check up on their students. Portal contains information such as up to date grades, homework assignments, test assignments, attendance as well as other cool gadgets.

Portal is now mobile as well! For all parents that already have access to Parent Portal, simply download the Campus Portal app (look for the icon to your left in your app store) from any smartphone and follow the instructions. Enter in the the district code for DCS: QWGJSF, and then set the push notifications to receive your child's grades via text messages!

For any additional questions or assistance, please be sure to contact me @lakeisha.washington@dublincityschools.us or (478) 352-8137. Get connected TODAY!

Live from the Resource Center...

Starting next week, September 21st-27th is recognized as "National Keep Kids Creative Week." Middle School is undoubtedly the age group where reading interests begin to decrease in our students. Remember that raised Lexile learning is the key parents! A creative way to keep your middle-schooler reading is to suggest reading books on which movies are based. Not only is it an opportunity to plan a cool rainy movie day, but also a way to encourage your child to read material that they may have not been interested in before AND you can use the movie as talking points later! Here's an example:

Percy Jackson and The Olympians: Lightning Thief

Author: Rick Riordan

Lexile Level: 740

AR Points: 13

Want more cool ideas like these? Stop by the Parent Resource Center, located in the front office to get a copy of "Learning Activities For Rainy Days and School Vacations." It's all for you and its all FREE!

Homecoming Week is here! Click the link for details!

Just for laughs...

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