The Gardner Family


My name is Chris Gardner. I was born on June 23, 1996. I have lived in the great town of Huntsville all of my life! I have a wonderful family that I am very blessed to have and will get into later on in these slides. Let's get started!

My Family!!!!

I have been very fortunate to have two wonderful parents: Steve and Nancye Gardner. They got married in Januarary of 1992 and have been happily married ever since!

My Grandparents

My parents wouldn't be who they are today nor would I be if it wasn't for both sets of my grandparents. My dad's parents are Gene and Patricia Gardner (who were married for 55 years!) and my mom's parents are Dan and Bobbie Lunsford (who were married for 57 years)! Although my sweet grandmother's are still alive, both of my grandfather's have passed away. My mom's dad died in 2008, and my dad's dad past away in 2010. They are both missed but I have no doubt that they are better off now!

My Sisters

I have two half siblings who are already married and have families of their own. I am the only boy. Misti, is my oldest sister. She is married with a son and a daughter, my middle sister Stephanie who is married with a son and a daughter as well. My youngest-older sister Katie, is a 2013 graduate from HHS and is now attending SHSU to try and become a teacher. They are the best sisters I could ever ask for and I love them dearly! I also love spending time with my nieces and nephews!

Favorite Memory

There is no doubt in my mind what my favorite memory is; and that is when I trusted in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior at the age of 10. I have never forgotten that life and eternal changing event! Since then, I have tried to let God lead my life and let Him be my passion and I hope to never stop!

Favorite Hobby

My favorite things to do ouside is to play golf, and go running. I have been playing golf since I was 11 years old and love to play with my dad and also competitively in tournaments (school and summer). I love running outside because it allows me to release my energy and tension and get a great workout at the same time!!

I also love to watch and play baseball (even though I don't play competitively). My favorite team is the Houston Astros. Through their record breaking comback to go to the 2005 World Series, to their record breaking 107 game loss season, the Gardner family has still stuck with the 'Stros.