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Finishing Strong

Happy Easter, as we came back from Spring Break and we ended up having a great week overall. Right now we are only 39 school days away from summer break. To say this has been an unorthodox school year would be an understatement. I am thankful for our students, teachers, and staff who have been meeting this year head-on and dealing with all things COVID-related. As we look toward summer there are opportunities for students to recover credits if they did not fare well this school year. I want to encourage our families to push students to finish the school year strong over these 39 days.

Summer School

Summer school dates, pending board approval, will be Tuesday, June 1 through June 18th. Students will have face-to-face classes available for credit recovery. If you want your son/daughter to take advantage of the 14-day intense credit recovery, please make sure you look for the summer school form I will send out in a few weeks. Please keep in mind students must be in attendance all 14 days to be eligible for credit recovery.

Senior Meeting

Seniors will be meeting with counselors and administration at 12:30 April 7th, Wednesday. This meeting is mandatory for all seniors and will take place in the auditorium. Seniors received an email last week letting them know to make arrangements for them to be at this meeting.

2021-2022 Student Schedules

All students have entered their course requests for the 2021-2022 school year. We are currently building the master schedule and should be complete and ready to print schedules by the end of April. In May we will send students, grades 8-11, their schedule for next year so they can know exactly what courses they will be taking. Our goal is if there are any changes that need to be made that they are done during the month of May and not over the summer. Since students picked their schedules, hopefully, we do not have a lot of changes to make.

NEW: 2021-2022 School Advisory Council (S.A.C)

If you are interested as a parent or community member in partnering up with the school next year to be a part of the initial S.A.C. committee, please email This new committee will look at all things for Madison High School. There will be monthly morning meetings, with breakfast provided. The committee will consist of our presidents of each class, along with our Student School Board representative, administrators, teachers, and hopefully parents and community members interested in partnering up with MCHS.

Academic All-State

Congratulations to the following students for receiving academic All-state honors:


Dalton Berry- Senior Honorable Mention

Kelsey Bilz- Senior Honorable Mention

Luke McCarty- Senior 1st Team

Trenton Stockdale- Senior Honorable Mention

Girls Bball

Jade Nutley Academic All-state

Chloe Ferris Academic All-state Honorable Mention

Daesja Jay Academic All-state Honorable Mention