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12th January 2014

PRS #Engmeet #Teachmeet

Saturday, Jan. 17th, 9am-12pm

HP27 0DT, United Kingdom

Co-hosted by the wonderful Mrs Suggitt - an English specific Teachmeet but skills and ideas will be applicable to most subjects.


Saturday, Jan. 24th, 9am

1 Western Gateway

BETT is the biggest education technology conference in Europe. It runs from Weds - Saturday. Myself and a few others are heading up for the Friday (including the worlds biggest teachmeet!). If you are at a loose end on the Saturday, why not pop in and combine it with a day out. There's lots of inspiration to be had!


Technology for Learning

Sexy Spreadsheets!

You all have some wonderful excel spreadsheets for tracking student progress etc. By converting them to Google Sheets you can get a whole lot more out of them! Have a look at some examples below. To convert existing excel sheets simply add to your Google Drive and choose 'Open with' Google Sheets. You can then share with whoever you want!


Well done to Vikki Welling, Thomas Tillier, Tom Jacob and Sue Gough - this weeks biggest Twitter users! If you're stuck for inspiration on who to follow there's lots of good ideas on my presentation (click here) and spreadsheet (click here).

With the new homework push why not check out what other teachers are doing to inspire students. Have you heard of Takeaway Homework? Check out what teachers are sharing using #takeawayhwk (nice blog post here).

Still not sure how to get the best out of Twitter? Watch the video below for some great ideas.

Twitter Full Interviews