OCS American History Fall 2016

Teacher Commitment Survey

Our Focus for the Next School Year!

It's time to start thinking about the Fall 2016 semester! This form outlines the general expectations for our OCS courses and your​ ​commitment to the OCS Blended Learning teaching pool.

Below is important information. Please read, and if you agree, fill out the form below.

Next fall, we will continue to focus on our three BIG areas: (1) co-teacher connections and building relationships with our co-teachers and students, (2) improving our teaching and individualizing learning for our students, and (3)examining our instruction for the Common Core / Essential Standards.

NCVPS Teacher Expectations

Here is a general listing of expectations. Please read carefully.

1. Daily Teaching and Partnering: Teachers are expected to log in daily to grade all student work and respond to all messages/emails. However, the most important piece of our daily work is the individualized​ ​learning for each student that we do with the curriculum, based on the Co-Teacher Documentation Log entries, synchronous communication with our co-teachers, and work submitted online. Daily does mean daily. Monday through Friday, all assignments and messages/emails must be responded to within 24 hours, although quicker is better. A​ ​new teaching announcement and ​individualization ​should happen for each school you are partnered with daily. Daily teacher time in the sections is estimated to be about two hours a day for 2-3 partnerships. Teachers must be willing and able to log in daily during the week. There cannot be a day when a teacher does not log on during the week. Vacations or travel cannot keep a teacher from signing on during the week unless it is one of our time off days listed below.

2. Build Relationships: Teachers will be making weekly synchronous contact with partner teachers in order to build relationships. Teachers will be working daily with partner teachers through the Co-Teacher Documentation Log to build​ ​partnerships and teachers will be working with students daily through grading assignments​/providing feedback​ and responding to messages to build relationships with students.

3. Individualization of Content: In addition to building relationships, there is nothing more important than individualizing and personalizing the content for your students daily, even if you only document this work weekly. This is not an optional requirement!

4. Reporting: OCS Blended Learning teachers are not responsible for any NCVPS reports.

5. Teacher Activity: While you will have flexibility as to what times you are working with your partner teachers, our schools will know that most of our teachers work during the school day and will not be available until after the school day ends. NCVPS​ teachers will make synchronous contact weekly with all partner teachers and will do so knowing that their partner teachers are not paid to talk to us during the evening. This synchronous contact needs to happen at a time after the school day that is agreeable to both teachers.

6. Section Access: Teachers will have access to their course sections within 24 to 48 hours of section assignment. We will get partner teachers in within that same time frame.

7. Orientation/Course Checklist: Teachers will be expected to complete the Veteran Teachers Orientation and/or Course Checklist (depends on which is required -- at times, both may be required) prior to the start of the session and update their new course section as expected prior to the start of the semester.

8. eLC: Teachers will be expected to participate in the appropriate NCVPS eLC process and professional development throughout the semester.

9. Sections: We cannot guarantee you a certain number of sections since our enrollment dictates the number of sections we have. We will assign sections according to strength of spot checks throughout the spring semester and/or past semesters. We will partner teachers with classroom teachers and try to balance student numbers as best we can. This will require patience from you.:) We will follow the same procedure that we used before, that as soon as we know about your sections and your partner​ ​teachers, your IL will email you. We will always keep you updated. Schools are often slow to give us information so as soon as we have it, you will have it!

Please know this is not a secretive process. It is a MONSTER of a process. Just imagine 950 or more partnerships that require not only teacher assignments but balancing of numbers, etc. It requires much planning and structuring by human hands. It is far from perfect, there will be mistakes, but it is the best process we have:)

10. Pay: The OCS Blended Learning program is different in that we don't have the traditional "sections" -- we have partner​ ​teachers and about 20 students equals ONE section in NCVPS language. It may require partnering with three or four teachers in order to reach 20 students. Pay is $306 per student for block sections and $390 per student for yearlong sections. Tammy will provide more specific pay information in your contract once sections are assigned. But please know that if you have three partner teachers, you are not teaching three sections. Number of students will define sections for us, so 20 to 25 students equals one section.

Here is a listing of all Teacher Expectations for OCS Blended Learning teachers!


Below is the link to the NCVPS Calendar for the 2016-2017 School Year.


Training in Canvas

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Please remember that in order to teach with NCVPS in the Fall, you must complete the Painting the Canvas Professional Learning Course this summer.

Section Request and Partner Teacher Guidelines

Section Number Request
As a veteran teacher, you need to decide the number of partner teachers you can comfortably and effectively work with. We will do all we can to give you a specific number of students, but with the traditionally small section sizes of OCS classes, that is not always possible to give you the number of students you may want. If you are teaching f2f during the day, more than likely you need to stay within the 3-6 partner teachers based on your knowledge of how well you can manage a specific number of teachers. If you do not work anywhere except for NCVPS, you may request a higher number of partner teachers. Again, use your experience to determine how many teachers you can comfortably and effectively work with. Your Instructional Leader will work with me to assess if that number matches your spot checks.

Partner Teacher Guidelines:

Full Time NCVPS Teacher (only works for NCVPS) = up to 75 students (5 to 8 partnerships in the pink/green/blue category for spot checks).

Part-time NCVPS Teacher (has a job outside of NCVPS) =up to 50 students ( 5 to 8 partnerships and in the pink/green/blue category for spot checks).

New Teachers- 25 students (1 to 3 partnerships but more in specific cases).