One Of Our Regions Is The Midwest

By Jennifer Cortes

The great lakes

In the Midwest are five big lakes lake Michigan,lake Erie,lake Huron,lake Ontario and last lake Superior.One of the many people who work to keep the great lakes clean is Bill Hartwing of the National wildlife refuge system.

The temperatures

The five great lakes manly cause the bad weather.How water takes a long time to heat up and cool off.When the wind blows over the water it carries cold water or hot water over the land and it makes the tempeture changes.

New Imagrants

The popluatoinsin the1800s and 1900s in the midwest became more drivers.Farmers moved to Minisoda.People that lived in Czechoslovakia workedin Nebraska.Polishimmigrantsfoundfactory jobs in Illinois and thousands of Germans andItalins settled in Wisconsin,Missouri,and Ohio.

Steel and skyscrappers

The ecomany changed when steel came.Facttories sprang to turn the region's iron into steel.1900 the Midwest had became a giant in steel.Steel was usedbto make 5 things like railroad cars,brigets,tall duildings,planes,and cars even more.