Welcome to Girl’s Health Class

Mrs. Bryant, SMMS

A Little About My Class...

The class will be broken into the units that I have listed below. Students will delve into each topic of study to expand their knowledge and skills using a variety of methods such as open class discussions, hands-on lab activities, individual and collaborative group projects, and the use of Chrome Books

Students are expected to participate in all classroom activities and should come to class daily prepared to learn and work with pencil and paper.

Grading Process

Since SMMS utilizes a standards based grading process, you may not see as many grades as you may be accustomed to seeing during a grading period. Standards based grading means that all student work relates to a specific standard; however, not every assignment that a student completes will be recorded in PowerSchool. Our goal is to ensure student mastery of the standard.

Graded assignments will be placed in PowerSchool according to the standard being addressed. These assignments may include classwork, quizzes, projects, etc. Standards within a content area will be divided into categories. The categories and weights for Health are as follows: Projects (50%), Participation (15%), & other classwork (35%). Various assessments will be utilized, some individual and some collaborative. Students will be exposed to a variety of teaching and evaluation techniques.

Grading Scale:

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 70-79

F 69 and below

Topics Covered...

Decision Making

Goal Setting

Refusal Skills

Sex Education





Self Esteem


Body Image

Physical Fitness

Stress and Stress Management

Peer Pressure

Conflict Resolution

Alcohol/Tobacco/And Other Drugs

First Aid/CPR/ Emergency Preparedness

...And Many Others

Guaranteed to be exciting and fun!!!!

Contact Information

SMMS 912-882-8626


The best way to reach me is via email.