La Furia Roja

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Fun Facts

*Spain is an important place for Catholicism.

*Spain is the fourth largest country in Europe in size, and the sixth largest in population.

*This country has a Constitutional Monarchy.

*Spain's motto is, "Plus Ultra" or in other terms, "Further Beyond"

*Spain's anthem is, "Marcha Real" which is, "Royal March"

*In 2007 Spain became the second most visited country, after France.

About Spain

Spain's currency is in Euros (I mean it is in Europe). Spain is on Europe's Iberian Peninsula, it's capital is Madrid, and it has a population of about 46.77 million (2014). Because it is a Constitutional Monarchy, Spain has a monarch, Felipe VI, it also has a Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy. Spain also has a lot of tourist sites.

Points of Interest


<>Great Mosque of Cordoba

<>Royal Palace of Madrid

And those are only a few places that there are.

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