Nursery Colors

By: Emily Sistrunk

Safety Comes First

When choosing a color to paint your baby's room, try to find a paint that has no-VOC. Volatile Organic Compounds can be potentially harmful to you and significantly more harmful to your newborn baby. Some guidlines to a safe nursery decoration is make sure the colors you pick are calming to the baby, thats why lights blues, yellows, and pinks are commonly used along with the gender of your baby. Make sure your paint is VOC and lead free. After room is painted be sure that all paint odors are gone before baby is brought into the room.

How much money is this going to cost me? $$$$

WHERE? Westlake Ace Hardware

WHAT? Benjamin Moore Natura -No VOC paint

HOW MUCH? $50 a gallon

HOW MUCH TO PAINT WHOLE ROOM? It takes about two gallons to paint a nursery, give or take some.