Ice Land or Wonderland?

An amazing trip

Summery Of Ice Land

Perched on the edge of the Arctic, this wonderful little island contains some of the most impressive natural wonders in Europe. The continent’s biggest waterfalls thunder down with such force that the ground trembles under your feet; the barren highlands form Europe’s largest, loneliest desert; and the awesome ice cap Vatnajökull is the biggest outside the poles. Other spectacular phenomena include smouldering volcanoes, slow-flowing glaciers, extruding lava, gushing geysers, bubbling mudpots, soothing thermal pools and, in the darkness of winter, the magical northern lights.

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Believe Iceland is truly beautiful not phased by the Rest of the world but stays beautiful and elegantly stuck in the past.and with many world wonders is a awesome plaice to visit.

wonders of Iceland

in iceland there are beautiful beaches and many natural wild life. It seems you can’t round a corner in Iceland without coming upon sparkling crystal lakes, jagged seaside cliffs, black sand beaches, multi-colored mountains, moss-covered lava fields, half-hidden cave entrances, active volcanoes, glaciers, majestic fjords, sheep and horses grazing by the road, and hundreds upon hundreds of waterfalls, ranging from the faintest trickle to the most powerful gusher in all of Europe.