PFES - Board Report

May 18, 2021

Monthly Safety Drill

Date: 5/20/2021

Subject: School Safety Monthly Report to School Board

The Park Falls Elementary School conducted a tabletop drill and a functional drill to validate the current emergency plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for an intruder scenario on Thursday, May 20, 2021, at 8:05 AM with all students and staff.

Following morning announcements, for the tabletop portion, I reviewed the announcement that they would hear in an event there was an intruder in the building using the new language from the Iluvyouguy program. I also reviewed the signs they would see next year to introduce the images to them. For the functional portion, teachers had their students go into a concealed area of their classroom to practice how to respond in an intruder situation.

I also introduced SUSO, which stands for Speak Up Speak Out. SUSO is a service created by the Wisconsin Department of Justice that connects community resources with community members that have a crisis using web communication technologies.

Accomplishments and Activities

  • The number of virtual students in the PFES decreased from 7 students to 5 this past month.
  • I have completed half of my staff summative reports and all the paperwork for my support staff evaluations
  • Lead monthly Educator Effectiveness support group
  • Planned district Intruder drill
  • Introduced SUSO (Speak Up Speak Out) district-wide
  • Completed class rosters for next year and assigned teachers

Looking Forward

  • Complete the master schedule for 2021-22
  • Begin planning summer work, August inservice
  • Plan District orientation and training with Iluvyouguys
  • review and update Standard Operating Procedures for District Safety Plan
  • Complete planning for Illustrative Math Introduction and training
  • Plan for "Peaceful Playgrounds" training in August
  • Plan Zones of Regulation Training for staff
  • Plan new staff orientation