Our Four Course Meal

Olivia Hansen, Chase Farr, Savannah Dumas, and Clayton


peanut butter and banana sandwich and almonds

Gives energy for golf round. Great source of protein to perform longer and better. Tiger eats this sandwich before and during his rounds to maintain his performance throughout his round.

Side Dish

The side dish being offered is a very colorful salad. The salad contains fresh cabbage, onions, and carrots. All these vegetables are found locally around the base camp of Mt. Everest. This salad also contains fresh garlic because it helps climbers adapt to the dramatic increase of altitude as they begin the accent up Everest. I chose this food because it is important for climbers to get a good nutritious meal before they hike. The food is healthy, and found locally around the area. This salad is also a favorite dish by the Sherpas, the people of the mountain.

Main Course

Pan Roasted Duck Breast, I chose this for the main course because my book revolves around duck hunting. They make their living off of making duck calls used for hunting ducks. This meal fits in perfectly for the lifestyle of my book. The meal contains duck, blueberries, potatoes, and poultry. Very good variety of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins.


In fault in our Stars the main character happens to be a vegetarian. She does not eat any chicken, or fish, a full out vegetarian. The condition that the main character has is cancer. This disease limits her ability to eat different types of food. For a desert they will be having frozen yogurt.