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Meet Ms. Sansbury

I've spent over 10 years as an ELA and reading teacher before becoming a librarian. I am certified in Reading (4-8th grade), ESOL (K-12), and ELA (6-12) and have a Gifted endorsement. I can help with resources for curriculum for your beginner readers to your advanced content students. I look forward to being an instructional partner with you this school year!

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What's in this newsletter?

Highlights of several great services available to you!

  • Curated Digital Resources
  • Read Aloud with Activity
  • Digital Escape Rooms
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Virtual Guest Speakers
  • Flipgrid Integration

Curated Digital Resources

Use interactive & informative resources to review or enrich!

Read Aloud with Activity

Literacy, Creativity, and Innovation

I can record myself reading and introducing the activity and provide you the link and digital resources to post in Google Classroom. Or I could do this as a live lesson via Zoom or Teams during class time or the Advanced Content time (1:15-1:45).

Example: I read a fun and descriptive book: I Need My Monster. Then, students complete a creative vocabulary activity: They use Greek roots to create their own monster! See activity sheet below.

Digital Escape Rooms

Flex brain muscles while having fun!

Escape rooms can be a fun way to review material. I will get everything together, help you post it to your Google Classroom, and--if you would like--lead the activity for your class.

Escape rooms can be applied to all subjects. Ms. Sansbury even has a beginning-of-year digital escape room called the Science Safety Lab Digital Breakout.

Virtual Field Trips

Bring your curriculum to life!

Take your class on a learning adventure. This can be done at school or via remote learning, and I can even create a travel journal worksheet for students to record facts they learned. Like escape rooms, this a low to no prep activity for you!

Examples of field trips:

  • Journey through the Center of the Earth (explore layers of earth, rock formation, fossils)--to review 3rd grade Science or introductory unit before 5th grade study of Earth's processes
  • Historic Sites of Revolutionary War
  • The Wild West (including Gold Rush, Oregon Trail, cowboy life)

Let me know where you want to take your students and when, and I will start planning and creating the trip. The trip can be taken during class time or advanced content time (1:15-1:45) or be an independent, self-guided student activity.

Click below to see an example librarian-led virtual field trip by my colleague.

Journey with Jones: Space

See below an example of a self-paced, self-led student field trip.

Big picture
Big picture

Guest Speaker Visits

Learn from authors and field experts!

Guest speakers enrich authentic learning. Because the speakers can visit virtually, our students can learn from authors and experts anywhere in the world!

See below a photo of author Dusti Bowling visiting my virtual book club.

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Flipgrid Integration

Use videos to engage students!

I can help you set up a Flipgrid account and administer interactive, engaging video posts and response prompts.

See below an example Flipgrid integration for math.

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Would You Rather? Multiplication

Would you rather?

Put $3 in the bank and have it triple each week for 4 weeks?
Put $4 in the bank and have it quadrouple each week for 3 weeks?

Make a choice and defend your decision with math! Explain what you would rather have to the class and remember to show us your reasoning with your work!

See below an example of Flipgrid Integration for ELA/Reading.

Big picture - Here is the DES Upper Campus Media Center web site, a central location for student, parent, and teacher resources.

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Sarah Sansbury

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I can help you with the services above and more.

Let me know how I can help you!