January 5-9, 2016


We hope that everyone has had a fantastic break! Mr. Hedrick made a trip back home to Missouri and braved the rain and snow to get back to Texas last week. I spent the break in town doing a little bit of running and a whole lot of resting! We are both eager to get back to the music making and look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


Due to the short week with a busy All-Region weekend ahead, our schedule is a bit different as we ease back into the year. Please make note of the following:


Wednesday 7:00am - Full Woodwind Rehearsal (volleyball may leave at 7:40am)

Thursday 7:00am - Full Brass Rehearsal (volleyball may leave at 7:40am)

*We won't meet as a percussion sectional this week, but feel free to use that extra time to practice on your ensemble and/or solo.

SYMPHONIC 2 - You'll be on a more "normal" schedule:


7:00am - Clarinets

3:45pm - Horns


7:00am - Percussion

3:45pm - Low brass and bassoons


7:00am - Saxes and oboes

3:45pm - Flutes


7:00am - Trumpets


All of you should have received a letter in the MAIL back in December that explains your individual schedule for All-Region. There are four different possibilities, depending on which band you made, which is why I did not send this in an email. Please refer to that letter for your individual schedule. You also have a generic letter inside your All-Region folder, which contains the music that you should have already practiced in preparation for this weekend.

Here is the schedule for EVERYONE:

Friday, January 8

4:15pm - Meet in North Band Hall, grab Jason's Deli boxed "dinner" and load buses

5:15-5:45pm - Arrive at your respective rehearsal sites in Forney

8:30-9:00pm - Rehearsals end, bus will pick you up and return to North

9:45pm - Estimated time to return to North. The Band Hall will not be open so plan on going home and going to sleep! Tomorrow is a long day!

Saturday, January 9

7:00am - Meet in North Band Hall for Taco Cabana breakfast! You'll need to have your NICE concert clothes with you (see below). There will be a place to store your clothes when we arrive in Forney.

7:15am - Depart for Forney (this is a one-way bus)

Lunch is provided for you at your rehearsal site

After all rehearsals, students will have time to change. There is a bus for Symphonic 1 and Wind Ensemble members that departs Forney HS at 4:15pm. Symphonic 1 Band changes clothes at Forney HS then loads the bus. Wind Ensemble loads the bus first, then changes clothes at North Forney HS. Do not leave anything at Forney HS!

Concerts are open to everyone and take place at North Forney High School. Please make note of the different starting times for each band:

4:00pm - Concert Band

4:45pm - Symphonic 2 Band

5:30pm - Symphonic 1 Band

6:15pm - Wind Ensemble

Attire for the concerts is "nice clothes" - not concert black. However, feel free to wear your black if you like. Gentlemen may rather wear a suit or nice slacks and dress shirt instead of the tux, however.

Parents may meet the students in the Cafeteria following the concerts. Recordings, plaques and t-shirts will be for sale in the lobby area. You are free to leave after your concert.

All-Region Band members should get plenty of rest this week and make sure you are prepared for the rehearsals!

RICHARDSON CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL - Saturday, February 20 at Pearce HS

Please be sure that this date is cleared on your calendar. Every Viking Band member will be in at least one event this day and many of you will be in two (a solo and an ensemble). We will distribute the accompanist list in class this week and soloists should plan on having your accompanist secured as soon as possible. Do not delay - they will fill up! You'll also need to acquire an original copy of your solo (like you would purchase at a music store). We will address all of these things in class and at our parent meeting on Monday, January 11.


Monday, January 11 - 6:30pm-7:30pm

North Band Hall

For those who had the calendar from back in August, please note that this date has changed from the originally scheduled date!

All Viking Band members should plan on having at least one parent present. We will discuss the spring events in great detail. Please do all that you can to attend so that everyone receives the most up-to-date information. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let us know so that we can make sure your child gets home with the necessary information. Thank you in advance for being there!


It's time to start wrapping up your candy sales! Everyone is expected to sell their first box. Please turn in your $60 (or more if you took more boxes) by the end of the week so that we can move forward and have our funds accounted for. We still have a few more boxes to sell and would appreciate any help in getting rid of those! If anyone's place of business did not make New Year's Resolutions or just really likes chocolate, please let us know! The North Bands appreciate your support!