Saber Tooth Tiger

Extinct Animal

Saber Tooth

  • Basic Info

The name 'saber-toothed' is used because of their maxillary canines that reached an extreme lengths. Although called a saber-toothed tiger, the Smilodon is not exactly a tiger. These animals belong to the subfamily Machairodontinae and tigers belong to the subfamily Pantherinae. This means they were distant relatives of the lions, tigers and cheetahs we see today. They was large, powerful and muscular cat. These cats were however, smaller than the African lions, but slightly on the heavier side. Its distinguishing feature was the long and sharp canines used to slash through the stomach or teeth of their prey.

  • Extinction

Studies show that the Sabaer Tooth Tigers lived during the Ice Age and became extinct about 10,000 years ago. The cause of their extinction was most likely climate change, terrain change and hunting by humans. As their prey became extinct, they lost their primary source of food. The smaller animals were much more agile than the saber-toothed tigers. There heavy bodies and slow agility reaction did not help them catch quick and agile prey. Thus, starvation may be one of the cause of their extinction. Human population may be another cause that lead to additional pressure driving these animals to extinction. Prehistoric humans had reached North America and might have hunted these creatures down.

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