The Ravens' Nest

Randolph Early College High School Newsletter

Randolph Early College Open House

Monday, Aug. 5th, 4:30-6pm

629 Industrial Park Avenue

Asheboro, NC

Join us for open house on August 5th from 4:30-6:00 pm. At this time you can pick up your child's schedule, meet the teachers, and pay fees. At 5:00 pm there will be an informational session concerning vaping presented by the Randolph County Health Department in room 110. We look forward to seeing you then!


Instructional Fees

9th Grade-----$24.00 (Instructional, Science, PE, and Great Raven Migration Day)

10th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science)

11th Grade---$17.00 (Instructional and Science)

12th Grade---$42.00 (Instructional and graduation)


Juniors and Seniors will NOT meet in seminars during August 7-9th. Juniors and Seniors WILL meet Monday, August 12th at 1:00-2:30 pm in the LRC. These class meetings will serve as the seminar for the week and attendance WILL be taken. There will be no A-labs during the week of August 12th.

Regularly scheduled seminars and A-labs will begin the first week of RCC classes, the week of August 19th.

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Ninth graders will participate in The Great Raven Migration on Wednesday, August 14th. This is a time for these students to get to know their peers, have some fun and develop teamwork skills. The cost is $5.00 which is included in the $24.00 fee listed above. Students will have lunch and Pelican Snoballs. Please dress according to RCSS Dress Code.

Save the Date

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Hub Bus Departures

If your student rides a bus in the mornings, he/she needs to be at the hub site before the departure times. Departure times are:

ERHS 8:05am

PGHS 8:05am

RHS 8:05am

SWRHS 8:10am

THS 8:03am

Please remember days marked by a bus image on the RECHS calendar indicate limited transportation. On the limited transportation days, a yellow bus WILL NOT pick up a student from their home. Limited transportation days mean students are picked up/dropped off only by the shuttle to/from the hub site.