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I am a member of Project Payday myself. I signed up a long time ago and I'm still working for this company. It is basically wrapped around the whole ‘freebies’ world. You are getting people to sign up for free trials and you get paid. There are forums in the program where you can trade referrals, get paid to do trials, pay people to do trials, etc. I don’t work the program myself anymore. I only do the affiliate side of it. You will get paid either through Paypal, Payeer pay card, or direct deposit weekly every Friday.

Last thing, you DO NOT have to sign up for the Project Payday program to be an affiliate and earn weekly pay. If you want to sign up (it’s free) and get started in their affiliate program, just follow what this site says: Apply Now to create an account with your name email address and create a password to get started today.

If you want to do the actual program, then once you create your free account, you will need to either pay for the program or do an offer to get in free. That is your choice.

1,000s of people across North America have used this step-by-step system to make the extra income they need, working online in their spare time.

Apply Now to create an account with your name email address and create a password to get started today.

And Welcome to our Team

Commissions and Payments

Starting out you'll earn a minimum of $1.50 per lead. A lead is generated when a visitor enters their name and email address on our homepage.

That may not sound like a lot, but this offer is breaking all records.

We'll monitor your leads closely, and based on the quality and/or volume of your referrals you may be eligible for a higher payout of up to $3 per lead or more.

Are you a "Super Affiliate"? Our top affiliates are seeing some crazy numbers including 60% and higher conversions, $1+ EPCs, and $30+ CPMs on mailings!

... and to show you just how much we appreciate you and your efforts we'll mail your commission checkautomatically every Friday.

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Stay at home working mom

Hi my name is Moe'Nique Cousar and I am a stay at home working mom, who loves to enjoy staying at home with my family and enjoying life. There is nothing better then earning an extra income from home while being able to be your own boss and setting your hours. I got tired of struggling with trying to ends meet and I love helping others to also do the same. Stay at home moms, dads, students, and also for the disabled everyone who is willing to do a little extra work online is welcome to join.