Lincoln's August Newsletter

Back To School Edition

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to get the year started and be with our Lion's again. We hope all of you had a wonderful summer and enjoyed time together making memories. Our teachers have been back in the building getting things ready for the start of another wonderful school year.

We've hired two teachers over the summer, and made some other moves to better support our Lions this year. Here is the roll call of our grade levels and teachers:

PreK --Misty Ezell

Kindergarten--Donna Fletcher, Gail Smith, Meghan McConnell, Krista Manuel

First Grade--Tonya McInturff, Penny Metcalf, Cathy Trapp, Katie Meade

Second Grade--Patti Seabolt, Denise Brown, Kristen Galloway, Amiee Hutchins

Third Grade--Melissa Rivers, Sarah Owens, Jaclyn Feldman, Leanne Taliaferro

Fourth Grade--Shawna Gragg, Sierra Sallee, Ashley Branham, Sharon Grass

Fifth Grade--Sarah Pike, Jennifer Wyatt, Mona Fulkerson, Jessica Carr

Special Education--Trevor Brooks, Rachel Farmer, Greta Sims

Related Arts--Krystal McRenyolds, Hollie LaRue, Martha Hyder-Hall, Seth Wallingford

Interventionist--Autumn Stacy

Student Support Team--Marsha Musick (Family Liaison), Kristen Way (Counselor), Henry Stokely (Behaviorist)

Administration--Suzanne Zahner (Principal), Leigh Anne Sheppard (Associate Principal)

We are excited about these changes and additions to our staff and we hope you are too! It truly is going to be a GREAT year!

Dates And Times You Need To Know

August 1st--Sneak A Peak--4:30-5:30 Come in and meet your teacher and find your classroom!

August 5th--First Day Of School--8:15 All students need to be in their class and ready to start AT 8:15. Any parents going to classrooms need to check into the office before going into the building. Parents are welcome on the first day to classes for a few minutes, but after that, to support student independence, we ask that you say good-bye at the front door or in your car at drop off.

**UPDATE**August 22nd--Back To School Night--5:30-7:00. This is the night that you'll have time to visit the classroom and learn more about the grade level expectations, curriculum, and school wide initiatives that we have in place to support your child this year.

8:15--EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY--This is the time that your child needs to be in their classroom ready to go. Please get organized the night before, time your morning routine, and plan to have your child crossing into the front doors no later than 8:10 so they can be in their classroom and marked ON TIME at 8:15. We need all students on time, and we appreciate your part in making sure that our kids are here and ready at 8:15.

Safety Notes and Procedures for Arrival and Dismissal

Careless errors and unfocused drivers can create unsafe environments for our kids during arrival and dismissal. Please remember these safety tips as you drive onto school grounds. In addition to safety tips, an overview of our arrival and dismissal procedures are listed below:

  • It is now state law that drivers may not have a mobile device in their hands while driving. That includes car pick up and drop off. Please give our car lines 100% of your attention, by following the state law. Keep your phone out of your hands.
  • We will have Safety Patrols out and helping starting on day 1. Please remember to reduce your speed, turn down your radio (and stop or change the station if you are listening to music with lyrics that would be inappropriate for elementary age children), and be alert. Safety patrols will say, "Thank you, have a nice day," before they close your door and you are safe to drive off. They are students, they are learning, and your positive interaction with them means a great deal. Thank you in advance for modeling positive behavior for them as they work to learn their role as safety patrol.
  • Stay in line and do not cut around other cars. If your child is out of your car (arrival) or in your car ready to leave (dismissal) do not pull around another car unless directed to do so by an adult directing traffic. Please wait and when they car in front of you goes, then slowly proceed to follow the car in front of you and leave school property. We also only have ONE line in all of our drop off/pick up lines. Pulling up beside a car to make a second line is not safe and not part of our procedures.
  • Arrival in the morning begins at 7:30. We will not accept students in the building, regardless of the weather, before that time. Staff are not on duty until that time. All students who are riders, walkers, or pick up at the cross walk should be picked up no later than 3: 30 pm. Dismissal at the end of the day start at 3:05 (Kindergarten only) and 3:15 (grades 1-5). Plan your time accordingly to be in the car line, or at the cross walk to pick up students daily before 3:30.
  • You must have a car tag. Please have your car tag ready at dismissal. If you do not have a car tag (administered at Sneak A Peak or the first day if necessary) you will need to go to the office and present your ID. A child is only called when the adult presents a car tag either at the crosswalk or in their car. Walkers leave on their own accord, all other students leaving between 3:15-3:30 must have an adult with a car tag.
  • Arrival time is from 7:30-8:15 through the front doors. Car drop off for all students is at the front doors of the building only. Do no drop off children out of your car from the parking lot--it is a safety risk for students. Drop off entails driving through the driveway and having a safety patroler open your door and help your child out. If you arrive after 8:15, parents MUST come into the office to sign the child into school.
  • Dismissal time for all students except Kindergarten is at 3:15. Kindergarten dismissal starts at 3:05. Ms. Ezell will have times and directions for PreK parents before PreK starts regarding arrival and dismissal times and procedures.
  • Kindergarten dismisses at 3:05 on Waverly towards the back of the building by the gym. Parents picking up in their car need to wait in line and get called when they reach one of the 4 loading spots. Be sure to get to the very end of the line and not cut into the established line from Summer St. when there are people to the right of the intersection at Waverly and Summer St. All parents must have a car tag to be authorized to get a student from school. If you do not have a car tag, the adult will be directed to the main office to present their ID to the front office secretary.
  • Grades 1 and 2 dismiss at the front of the building. Parents picking up outside of the car line should wait at the grassy area between the driveway and the parking lot directly in front the building. Your child's name will be called based off the car tag and will meet you on where you are waiting.
  • Grades 3, 4, and 5 dismiss on Magnolia St (to the right of the building when looking at the front doors). Cars can line up along the side on Magnolia and might wrap around on Lamont in line for the dismissal. Parents picking up outside of the car line should wait on the sidewalk , away from the building, by the middle doors of our building on Magnolia. Your child's name will be called based off the car tag and will meet you where you are waiting.

Grab and Go Breakfast

I am excited to announce that Lincoln is the recipient of a grant that allows for us to have a second point of sale for breakfast. Students arriving after 8:00 or those who participate in our morning walking program, can get a "grab and go" breakfast on their way to class. We hope that this will decrease students being tardy because they are getting breakfast faster and without going all the way to the cafeteria. We also think that it will increase students participating in our morning walking program with Mrs. Hyder-Hall because they can get a great breakfast after they walk and not miss the walk because they have to get food before they go outside.

We are thrilled to have this morning option for students and look forward to getting it up and running. We will have this option starting on the first day of school.

Roaring Readers

SURPRISE! We are starting the 2019-2020 school year by introducing a new program to grow our Lincoln students called:


With support from local businesses, community members, families, and teachers, we have planned some big surprises for students who make time to read beyond the classroom. There is a great deal of research as to the benefits of reading 20 minutes a day, including :

  • Promotes brain development

  • Helps in language development

  • Expands knowledge of the world

  • Strengthens family relationships

  • Increases knowledge

  • Improves confidence

For these reasons and so many more (Just Google “Reading 20 minutes a day” if you need more reasons!), we are working to motivate and encourage ALL students to READ. We would love reading to include great books, but we will accept that ANY READING is good. So, magazines, articles, subtitles, newspapers, comic books, even cereal boxes will do!

So, plan to read 20 minutes a day starting TODAY. Your Lincoln student will have a reading calendar for you to sign each night that he or she reads that is located in the STAY AT HOME side of your child’s Lincoln folder. Students who meet their goal will be entered to win prizes including: gift cards, class parties, Legos, books, and more! Winners will be announced at each Student of the Month assembly. Students who participate all year long will be entered to win a grand prize at the end of the year!!!!

We have even more great news to support all students who want to read but may have working parents unable to witness their reading. Any after school childcare, the Y, Boys and Girls Club, or babysitter may sign the calendar if they witnessed 20 minutes of reading. We will also provide quiet areas for reading in the morning before school and during bus duty for students so that supervising adults can sign off on the calendar as well. We want each and every student to participate.

Now is the time to become a Roaring Reader!

Have you signed up for the Parent Portal yet?

The parent portal through Power School is a fantastic way to keep in touch with KCS and Lincoln Elementary. If you have a parent portal these are the advantages parents or guardians can enjoy:

  • Update address, phone number or other demographic information
  • Check student homework assignments
  • Receive progress reports and grades
  • Receive email notifications for grades and attendance
  • Check on student attendance
  • Advance notice of teacher placement for the 20-21 school year--you'll know before the letters get home to you from the post office.

As an added bonus, the first class with 100% parent participation in the parent portal will receive a pizza party to celebrate!

If you need assistance setting up your parental portal please call or come by the main office, we are happy to help you.

Birthday Celebrations

As a reminder, Lincoln does not distribute or have food parties for student birthdays. We acknowledge student birthdays on the morning announcements. On their birthday, the students' name is called and they can come to the office for a birthday pencil! If you would like to bring something to distribute to your child's classmates in honor of your child's birthday we require non-food items or time in the classroom if you want to celebrate in school. For example, fun erasers for all students, unique pencils, or stickers are great non food items that can be given out if you want to do that for your child's birthday. Another option would be to work with the teacher to come in as a guest reader for your child's class to read their favorite book on their birthday. Should a family forget, and send in food for a birthday celebration we will return the item home so your family can enjoy what was sent in to school. Thank you in advance for your support of this procedure and our compliance with KCS policy.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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