Singing In the Rain

Musical Theatre


Singing In the Rain is a book by Adolph Green and Betty Comden it is adapted from the 1952 movie of the same name it focuses on a romantic lead by Don Lockwood,his sidekick Cosmo Brown,aspiring actress Kathy Selden and Lockwood's leading lady Lina Lamont.

5 facts about the musical

1)The Cosmo Brown character was inspired by Comden and Green pal Oscar Levant and written for the pianist/actor to play himself,but when the movie became more dance-oriented,the part went to hoofer Donald O'Connor instead.

2)Mogol R.F. Simpson (played by Millard Mitchell) was reportedly modeled "singing'' producer Freed himself,though Freed didn't know.

3)In 1983 "Singing In the Rain" was staged as a theatrical musical in London's west end.

4)Singing In the Rain Broadway musical was adapted by the book.

5)Singing In the Rain Broadway musical was recognized by the Tony Award best book of a musical.

The Actors

1)Don Correia

2)Mary D'Arcy

The Songs

1)Beautiful Girl

2)Good Morning

Awards and Recognitions

In 1986 Singing In the Rain musical was nominated for:

-Outstanding choreography

-Outstanding featured actress in a musical

and won in outstanding special effects.

3 interesting facts you want the class to know

1)Singing In the Rain had first appearance on Broad way in 1985 unlikely the film had its first original appearance in 1952.

2)Singing In the Rain original Broadway was open July 2 ,1985 and closed on May 18,1986 .It had 376 performances.

3)The original Broadway production was in 1986.