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We are still running into issues in the morning concerning the safety of our carpool line. Due to this issue, we are asking that teachers park on the far end of the parking lot (past spot #15.) We are planning on closing off the front parking lot after 8 am and having parents pull to the side parking lot and park. Having the front spaces open will allow parents to check in their student more efficiently.

RTI Meetings

As we look to figure out how redesign our RTI meetings, the team wanted to have one last round of meetings before the change in structure. Please be prepared this week to meet with the RTI team during your planning times this week.

Better You.... Print Rich Communities

Words, words, words! Your students need to see them everyday. There is plenty of research that shows that simply exposing children to words increases their fluency. It's important for us as educators to show, say, and write words with our students daily. This month let's make an effort to make literacy our #1 priority... starting with creating a print rich community. Please start posting vocabulary words, anchor charts, student writing, teacher writings, your favorite articles, and/or arts integrated projects that expose student to words. Use the classroom and the hallways for your displays. Let's build a community that builds readers. Below are some pictures from Ms. Byrne's room and the cafeteria to display some options of how you can display words in our school.

Making a Difference Award

And the winner of the Making a Difference Award Winner is... Alex Nelson. Congrats Alex. Enjoy your parking spot and your free meal to your favorite restaurant. Here are some of the great things you teammates think about you.

"Alex has done a great job working for our students every day. Even when the days are tough Alex is still here for the kids and our families!"

"Always there for support and keeps a positive outlook for the students he encounters and cooperates with teachers and students to do what is best for each and every creative learner. Alex makes a difference everyday."


  • Team Leads please give Alex and Thomas your extra work packets by Friday
  • Teachers please turn in a copy of your Parent-Teacher Conferences forms by Friday.
  • Have Fun doing what you love.

Weekly Inspiration

At little bit of inspiration......

with a small challenge... Have a great week! - PS. Ron Clark is one of my most favorite educators and leaders of all time!